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My news as of July 30, 2023.

Hello friends. I haven't written for a long time. I have completely lost my motivation. What can I see now?In the middle of the city I ...


Wagner's revolt.

Recently, Ukraine, and perhaps the world, witnessed a fascinating event. Our expectation was for an end to the war soon.


The money is disappearing. People are dying.

What worries me now. My friend does volunteer work. He has a talent for organization. He has several profitable businesses of his own.


On that night, 06.06.23, the Russians organized a terrorist attack.

Terrorists have no place in the civilized world.


It's my city's birthday.

Expecting a massive drone attack, my family left the city on the eve of Kyiv Day.Quay.But we didn't manage to get a tan.


The first Sun, the first flowers.

The first Sun, the first flowers. Ukraine continues to withstand the onslaught of the invaders, but at a very high cost.


Lina Kostenko's homeland was attacked. The civilian lyceum was destroyed.

"Where are you looking, nations?Today we are you, and tomorrow you are us?"“Куди ж ви дивитесь народи, сьогодні ми, а завтра ви..”Lina Koste...


February. Year. The war.

One year has 365 days. A year has passed since the beginning of the attack on Ukraine. But tomorrow the war will continue.


Kramatorsk. New pain, new tragedy.

The war in Ukraine.


В Броварах вибухнув гвинтокрил з високопосадовцями.

Зовсім мало пройшло часу від трагедії в Дніпрі. #Dnipro Російська балістична ракета влучила в багатоквартирний будинок.



За попередніми оцінками, жертв удару по будинку у м. Дніпро буде 50+, - повідомив Борий Філатов Наразі 25 людей вважаються зниклими безвісти.


#russiaIsATerroristState #Dnipro

Трагедия в Украине, ракета уничтожила часть здания в Днепре.

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