10th anniversary of the revolution of dignity in Ukraine.

Walk around Kiev to the places of events of the revolution.

The news on the Ukrainian front is disappointing.

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Instead of a thousand words.

Anton Gerashchenko Advisor to Internal Affairs Minister (2021-2023)

Drawing for the contest: unknown creature.

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I was near this house today. This house in the photo is next to my apartment.

Russian terrorists are killing civilians.

Конкурс ИИ-рисунков: Эмблема своей личности.

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Russian fascists again shelled Ukrainian peaceful cities.

I believe that the Russians would burn the Ukrainians in gas chambers. My family, parents and children are in Ukraine now.

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Beginning of 2024

There was one of the largest attacks on the city of Kiev in two years with ballistic missiles. Thus, the terrorist state Rashka congratulate...

A Tale of a Blockchain Christmas Miracle for Elves and Trolls

The fairy tale was created with the help of a neural network for the competition of the Russian-speaking community on the Ukrainian language. #CryptoСказка https://t.me/LikeCoinRU

There is some good news and some bad news for

During the night there was an attack on the city where I live and there was a hit. Normally, the Russians would attack the civilians in the town every night.

First day of winter 2023.

Kyiv seems to forget that there are completely destroyed cities. There are families who have lost loved ones, homes, children.


I still live in Ukraine in Kyiv. The temperature has dropped below zero degrees. This gives the Russians an excuse to attack energy faciliti...

I'm still alive, if anything.

I'm fine. We don't get shelled very often. We are waiting for the first frosts and the first massive rocket attacks.

My news as of July 30, 2023.

Hello friends. I haven't written for a long time. I have completely lost my motivation. What can I see now?In the middle of the city I ...

What's new in my life?

I was amazed to watch a traveler-blogger about China.I was very surprised and impressed by the multifaceted country of China.

Wagner's revolt.

Recently, Ukraine, and perhaps the world, witnessed a fascinating event. Our expectation was for an end to the war soon.

The money is disappearing. People are dying.

What worries me now. My friend does volunteer work. He has a talent for organization. He has several profitable businesses of his own.

"Putin's Directive: Creation of Special Psychiatric Institute for LGBT Study Raises Concerns"

For some reason, this news reminded me of George Orwell's 1984.https://twitter.comhttps://twitter.com/Gerashchenko_en

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