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ZuSocial Decentralized Social Day Agenda Announced : Nov. 7th at Istanbul

ZuSocial Hacker House Presents Decentralized Social Day!It will be hosted in Istanbul on November 7th, 2023, 10AM-6PM (UTC+8: 3PM-11PM).

Become the Ambassador for ZuSocial Hacker House in Istanbul

We are searching for a local ambassador to help us accomplish this unique 2-week journey hacking with top developers and practitioners in de…

ZuSocial Hacker House Istanbul Opens Doors for 20 Hackers in Istanbul, November 5th-19th

Join us in Istanbul this November and be part of the change. Interested participants can apply at

Matters.News Renames Its Domain to Matters.Town to Better Reflect its Community-Driven Platform

Matters, the popular community-driven Web3 social media platform, has announced its domain name–from Matters.News to Matters.Town, effective…

Matters Lab Partners with Numbers Protocol: Extending Creator Journey Toward Traceable Digital Assets and Veracity

Matters Lab is thrilled to build this partnership with Numbers Protocol. This partnership will not just benefit two of us, but the entire creator economy.

Matters Lab Supports ENS Service, Expanding Web3 Integration with Ethereum Ecosystem

Matters Lab is pleased to announce the launch of Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Integration, providing users with the easiest and most intuitiv…

Matters Lab Salon Recap @ 706 LA | Shapes of Content Media in Web3 Movement

August 2022, Matters Lab co-organized three salons with local organizations in Los Angeles, Bay Area and New York. This article is a compila…

Building a Decentralized Web Together: Matters Lab announces Strategic Partnership with

Matters Lab and are building curation protocols in the decentralized web together, empowering creators and communities with i…

Matters Lab August 2022 Update|Building a More Resilient and Decentralized Future After DDoS Attack

The DDoS attack is perhaps the best reminder that it is time to move on to the next chapter with decentralization. This requires the collabo…

Upcoming Event : 706 x Matters Lab Salon @ LA

In September, Matters Lab will be speaking at 3 salons in the United States (PCT Timezone), with Live sessions on @MattersLab Twitter Space in UTC+8

Matters Lab Jun-Jul 2022 Update|The Space Soaring High, Frontline Award Open Call for Season2

The last month of Q2 has been a fruitful journey for us, as we finally launched The Space and Frontline Award.

Matters Lab May 2022 Update | $SPACE Token, 1000+ Players and Creator grants

Web3 is speeding toward the vision of a better Internet at an ever-changing pace. An expedition is ahead of us !

Radical Markets, Blockchain & Monopoly: How a Draw-to-Earn Game Imagines the Redistribution of Wealth

Through the incorporation of radical market principles, we want to develop a new political-economic system on the blockchain that questions economic inequality.

The Space is coming soon| Call for Beta Test Users!

👉Sign Up Sheet👈 for The Space Beta Test User

A Guide to Logbook 2.0. How to use Logbook?

This guide will lead you step by step. Follow our instructions to open up a new chapter in your Logbook 2.0. Pass it to your friends, pen pa…

Logbook 2.0 Launched for Traveloggers: Co-create & Transfer Your Works on Polygon

Logbook 2.0 for Traveloggers has launched!

Radical markets can work on blockchain. Our web3 experiment–The Space–shows how.

“ Markets face an analogous difficulty that often infects politics. The preferences of the richest people can easily run roughshod over everyone else.

Matters Lab Secures US$2 Million Pre-A Round to Pioneer Web3 Social Media Platform

Pre-A funding round lays groundwork for innovative web3 projects

Matters.News Supports Wallet Registration and Login

You must have an encrypted wallet if you're jumping into the Web3 world. Matters. News now is supporting wallet registration and login!

If You Didn’t Receive Airdrops, This Is Our Gift For You (Traveloggers POAP)

Claim your special Traveloggers POAP!