If You Didn’t Receive Airdrops, This Is Our Gift For You (Traveloggers POAP)

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Claim your special Traveloggers POAP!

In November this year, Matters launched Traveloggers and airdropped 300 avatars to members in the Matters community. More than 1,700 users registered for the airdrop but did not receive it unfortunately. For these users, we have prepared a special gift — POAP!

POAP stands for Proof of Attendance Protocol. As the name suggests, it is a proof of participation and attendance. What are the characteristics of POAP? We will quote @許明恩 's article "POAP: Record Your Life Track With NFT" to illustrate: 

Each POAP is an ERC-721 NFT token. The issuer of POAP is usually an event organizer who is like an oracle, proving that a person has participated in the event and did not obtain POAP tokens by improper means. Those who have participated in a few events will soon have a unique collection of POAP.
The unique value of each POAP will manifest itself when people have a certain number of POAP tokens, as each collection is exclusive and unique to its owner. It is safe to say that POAP collections are a digital way to distinguish people from one another, rather than the traditional way which relies on names, genders, nationalities, or passport numbers.

If you are eligible to receive POAP, check your inbox for a letter titled “Claim Your Traveloggers POAP”!

--------------------Quick Q&A To Help You Receive POAP--------------------

  • Q:Who is eligible to receive POAP?

A:This round of POAP is prepared for those who registered for but did not receive the airdrops in November. (A side note from Matty: POAP for Traveloggers’ owners are on the way too!)

  • Q:How do I get POAP? 

A:If you are eligible to receive POAP, click here and enter the wallet address you used to register for airdrops to claim your POAP! 

  • Q:Where can I view my POAP?

A:If you have successfully claimed your POAP, you can view it here.(Note: POAP won’t appear on OpenSea as it’s not stored on the same chain as Traveloggers.)

Please feel free to contact hi@matters.news if you have any questions.
Thank you again for your support to Traveloggers! Traveloggers is Matters’ first step of building Matterverse in the Web 3 world. Join us in this journey! (Matters' future development plan is on the way and will be released ASAP😊)


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