Kyle Chu 微風捕手
Kyle Chu 微風捕手

🇺🇦烏克蘭 國王撲克 白 啤酒 Queen🍺:祈求和平柑橘味(家樂福)Ukraine Konge Poker Beer Blanche Unfiltered



After the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, peace-loving people all over the world sympathized with the people of Ukraine who were affected by the war and hoped that the war would end soon.

In Taiwan, the most well-known beer from Ukraine is Konge Poker Beer.


There are two kinds of Konge Poker Beer commonly found in Taiwan supermarkets, but the one with a more friendly taste and suitable for recommending to friends in Taiwan is Konge Poker Beer Blanche Unfiltered in red cans.


The main ingredient in this beer is wheat malt, but unlike many well-known wheat beers, this one is flavored with some artificial flavors, including citrus spice, poppy seed spice, and ginger and honey extracts.


There is nothing wrong with the flavoring, but ultimately it depends on the taste of the beer. The citrus flavor tastes a little bit like Fanta soda, but overall the taste is quite refreshing and the sweetness is within a comfortable range.


However, another beer, Konge Poker Beer Premium Lager, which uses barley malt as the main ingredient, has a lingering sour taste, apparently due to the extremely short fermentation time, so the taste is light and fizzy.


While the tragedy of the war in Ukraine is being played out every day, it makes people feel heavy. Although it is an artificial citrusy flavored beer, "Konge Poker Beer Blanche Unfiltered" is still a beer that brightens people's mood when they are waiting for peace to return to Ukraine.



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