🛒Buyee 代購使用心得🛍 Going to Buyee shopping when Japanese Yen Devaluated


🛒Buyee 代購使用心得🛍 Going to Buyee shopping when Japanese Yen Devaluated


Buyee services, covering purchasing many new Japanese products, but I really interested in treasure hunting in Japan Yahoo auction by Buyee.


Buyee biggest disadvantage is the high shipping fee plus packaging costs scared a lot of treasure hunters away.


However, due to their high-quality requirements for packaging and shipping services, like the same products, the packaging foam used in Japan network is better than Taiwan and China, and their post office is high efficiency.

So, to use Buyee shopping, it is best to have one of the following two prerequisites set up:
1. Japanese yen devaluation of their currencies.
2. Only available in Japan.


Buyee Japan Yahoo auction bidding system is very easy to use before the subscript will be estimated in advance all the cost plus the sum of money so that buyers can quickly estimate the amount of an acceptable amount.


After the end of the knot with the goods, you can pick up the first goods together and then shipped to reduce shipping costs, but they have to measure the delivery of goods or not to buy “safety package” service, plus purchase this item service can be the more prolonged protection of the purchase of goods, but the last sum of the original shipping costs often exceed the original budget.

In conclusion, Buyee’s subscripts, purchases, payments, and shipping are good, but you should keep your eyes on the safe packing service and the yen exchange rate for your home currency.

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