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Contract Furniture and Furnishing Market Trends, Top Players Updates, Future Plans 2030

Asia Pacific to Hold Major Share of Global Contract Furniture and Furnishing Market.

BVS technology

How do you use touch screen?

Not all touch screens have the same functions, but the actions below are the most common.

BVS technology

Why are embedded industrial control machines popular?

The product function is well adapted, and the function of the object being measured and controlled is almost exactly matched.

BVS technology

How to choose an industrial panel PC for your business?

The market for industrial panel PCs is becoming more and more widespread, not only in industry but also in business.

BVS technology

What needs to be considered for a custom industrial panel PC?

Industrial tablet PCs can be customized to meet the different needs of different fields by considering various special cases. So what needs do you need to consider to customize an industrial panel PC?

BVS technology

The precautions of industrial main board

Industrial control main board is used in industrial settings, the main board is used by industrial computers.


Can you add a GPU to a mini PC?

The answer is yes. Use either a MINI GPU for case size, or use a PCI-E riser cable to mount the GPU externally like outside the box, so you can use any size of GPU available.


Industrial control machine

The industrial control all-in-one computer is an industrial tablet computer integrated with industrial control computer and display screen.


Do you have specific needs for mini pc?

Most mini pc come in a variety of designs and styles to suit the needs of the majority of customers.

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