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How do you use touch screen?

Not all touch screens have the same functions, but the actions below are the most common.

What Are The Benefits Of POS System In Hospitality?

In a competitive restaurant industry, it is crucial to focus on every aspect. To help with such a situation, you need a management and service tool.

What are the operating systems commonly used in touch panel pc?

In terms of the current touch all-in-one computer, the common operating systems for installation are Android system and Windows system.

Why are embedded industrial control machines popular?

The product function is well adapted, and the function of the object being measured and controlled is almost exactly matched.

The advantages of customized industrial tablet PCs

touch screenindustrial tablet pc Tablet PCs play an irreplaceable role in industrial transformation as industrial big data touch centre.

Why do you customize a flat panel PC?

The panel pc not only for USB, DC, HDIM, VGA, but also for Ethernet, headphones and other ports in order to meet general industrial requirements.

How to choose an industrial panel PC for your business?

The market for industrial panel PCs is becoming more and more widespread, not only in industry but also in business.

What's the difference between an industry tablet and a regular tablet ?

A variety of functional modules well configured, stable performance, than ordinary tablet PC has more functions.

Do we need a point of sale system in our retail store?

The POS system gives you better control over the entire business operation.

what are the functions of the intelligent cashier system?

As a shop operation assistant, the smart cashier system can help shops reduce costs and increase efficiency.

What equipment is included in a smart cashier system?

Internet mobile payment is the trend today and the traditional cashier mode has gradually withdrawn from the stage.

What needs to be considered for a custom industrial panel PC?

Industrial tablet PCs can be customized to meet the different needs of different fields by considering various special cases. So what needs do you need to consider to customize an industrial panel PC?

What is an all-in-one industrial machine and its advantages ?

The industrial all-in-one machine is a device used in industrial scenarios where the key is integrated into the work of the complicated industrial natural environment.

The precautions of industrial main board

Industrial control main board is used in industrial settings, the main board is used by industrial computers.

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