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My news as of July 30, 2023.

Hello friends. I haven't written for a long time. I have completely lost my motivation.

What can I see now?

In the middle of the city I see a military vehicle damaged by shelling. Does this bother me? It hurts me...

I live in the capital of Ukraine, and it is protected by air defense systems. But this is not 100% protection. That is why from time to time Russian terrorists try to fire ballistic missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles at us.

But dozens of civilians and hundreds of soldiers are killed every day in the other part of the country, in the east.

Russian terrorists continue to scare us with nuclear strikes on Ukraine. I'm not afraid anymore, I just want Russia to disappear if I disappear.

I am just sure that terrorists must be punished. Should the Russians who are neutral about the war be held responsible for it?

If a person witnesses a crime and does not react, that person is a silent criminal.

That is my opinion.

But I am sure that 80% of Russians support the destruction of Ukraine and Ukrainians.

That's why I have no pity for any Russian, let alone one who has crossed the borders of Ukraine.

I am very sorry that corruption and injustice remain in Ukraine. One of my acquaintances is a military man and he got into trouble.

He is on the verge of life and death. He laid down his life to protect Ukraine. Now he's asking for help, he needs money, he's begging for financial assistance.
I am in pain. The state needed him, but now he is just a piece of meat for the state. Nobody wanted the crippled warrior...

But civil servants spend money on junk. They continue to spend money on projects where they can steal money. The latter is the construction of museums during the war. And filming feature films.

I continue to distrust the government.


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