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04.06.2023. Kyiv Ukraine.

I thank everyone for their concern.

Every night, Russian drones and ballistic missiles attack Ukraine. Kyiv is attacked every night. Many people cannot sleep properly, it is very exhausting. The attack killed a child who was trying to hide in the basement with his parents. But they did not have time. The rocket arrived five minutes after launch.

And this happened on Children's Day.



This news really shocked me. Maybe it's the result of sleepless nights. But I couldn't hold back my tears. Later I learned that a talented young girl had died.


9-year-old Viktoria Ivashko and her mother Olga were killed yesterday in a Russian missile strike on Kyiv.

Viktoria was a great talent on the Ukrainian judo scene.

Meanwhile, Russian athletes are preparing for the 2024 Paris Olympics.


But today, there are new victims, and among them are children again.



In Pidhorodne, Dnipropetrovsk region, a body of a two year old girl was found under the debris of a building destroyed by a Russian rocket yesterday. 22 more people were injured, 5 of them children.

Today is International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression.


The pain that children suffer from is much more painful for me. Perhaps this is a consequence of my own childhood. But even President Zelensky is not indifferent to children.


President Zelensky

I have two children as well. My son is already an adult, he is 13 years old. I am very depressed by my helplessness. I can't do anything to improve my children's lives.

Not far from my son's house, four drones hit a local high school. My son was afraid to go to his school for several days.

He is three years old in this photo.

My son

My depression is getting worse. Maybe it's because I don't have enough courage. My wife is much stronger than me in this aspect.


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