在找那從你寄來 那水母在墨綠色的海洋 我要回答關於詩人的憂傷 觸鬚都都掛在我深藍色的床上 然後拿出 是閉一口氣等待數以分鐘的重量 剩餘的月光假裝照亮生活在故事存在的怪物 那嘗試要把痛楚治癒的企圖 其實都會再次的失敗 靡頁上島嶼中兩個不相干的人 被高高站在面前的書脊抵擋 不如談...

Between Us

This is a cold morning When Brother and me Eating tasteless breakfast We are Talking about vaccines And the season migratory birds Pull up ...

工人文藝訪問 : 《文學代表工人心》(星島日報)(2017.4.30)

工人文學作品選段 鄉村手藝人(三章)季川之二、瓦匠 瓦匠們有着泥土一樣的本分和顏色,因而他們樸實無華,低矮但不卑微,執着而又堅強。從第一塊磚頭砌上開始,瓦匠們就絲毫不能大意和馬虎。一塊塊磚頭是烈火燒出來的,瓦匠的手藝也是風風雨雨一年四季考驗出來的。




This is the coldest day in this city A White Champaca bloom Outside the Concrete Trails Of government building For years There was no histo...


Cricket player, he is Naivety, wielding the bat; ready with the stance, in order to the shots when the gravity which grip the ball in wide array.

For the nervous system

For the nervous systemVenetian blinds are getting ill; By the holiday was coming late. The effort of surrender is vain, Which vein and nerve...

The autumn day

The autumn dayBlock printing stamped in the color of the moist, rainy days, of the fall in a South Island with overamping red.

The Ordinary days

The Ordinary daysFor healing my aphasia, I step aside for my fellow joys. After they hit me, against the wall. I beg to those little goddess...

The Trenches

The TrenchesThis is a sultry noon, Feeling tried and sluggish. The hollow, greedy eye, Gaze to the mirror. To figure out What makes me bogge...


ParadeWhen I was young, we all, move From here to there; But all of us never meet him in photos, boxes, letters and cologne.

On becoming a man

On becoming a manHe is facing the edge Of divorce When you getting growth, year-on-year as long as the empty bottle was piling up, your wife...

Casting fire

Casting fireThis is the heavy air When I was hearing the news About he Was fleeing from home I know, We will never be the same.


BauhiniaThe summer of tropical island. She walks along with the curly road nearby the university on some day before the yesterday.

The Closure

The ClosureI may find a lover After hear a account from his earwig about my elder sister It is her second wedding And he is her second child.

The Jungle

The JungleHe is the man Taking 38 years To waking his last hope. After his divorce; Which lasted for 18 years. A fight ticket laid on his ta...


11thIt was a good day For a single father. He woke up at the early morning His breakfast Made up for expired milk and stink oatmeal Barely, ...

To walk a dog

To walk a dogI can’t even explain what I’m feeling. This is the way I talk about this. The snow pressing on the rooftop When her message came.


MomThis is the night of September With 9 Celsius At 3 a.m. She insisted on ordering takeaway She seems forget I am her son Just as her frien...


終於投了三首英文詩到Carve Magazine. 相對於投稿中文新詩到本地文刊的壓力,每一次投稿的英文詩到美國文刊,都是種釋放及訓練,也是對Raymond Carver的致敬。如果可以,我希望可以做到隔日寫一首英詩,並陸續投稿(至美國),在寫英詩的過程之中,需要看大量的詩作,不...