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About us

YieldDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), A Metaverse & NFT guild organization with the theme of Play-TO-Earn. YieldDAO’s mission is to create an autonomous and self-expanding metaverse career and investment economic ecological platform, Optimize the assets owned by the DAO community for optimal returns, and share the benefits with guild members

Note: Yield DAO Meta is referred to as YDM


YieldDAO is a revenue association that combines NFT with GameFI and MetaFI (art, games, metaverse), provides services and traffic around the metaverse economy, and empowers the metaverse value-added ability. We believe that in the fields of art, games, social networking and virtual reality, the growth of Metaverse’s digital economy will soon surpass the traditional economic model. We hope to create a good career and investment ecology for guild members in the metaverse world. YieldDAO is the builder and aborigines of the metaverse economy.

The origin of YieldDAO

Ø The popularity of NFT transactions

The total transaction volume of the NFT trading platform OpenSea has reached 10 billion US dollars, ranking first in the NFT market transaction volume; the second is Axie Infinity, with a total transaction volume of 2.85 billion US dollars; the third is CryptoPunks, with a total transaction volume of 1.56 billion US dollars.

Ø The concept of metaverse

The concept of Metaverse originally came from the science fiction novel “Avalanche” created by science fiction writer Stevenson in 1992, but it officially appeared in the capital market in Roblox’s prospectus.

In March 2021, the sandbox game company Roblox went public. Roblox CEO Baszucki gave a clear definition of Metaverse, summarizing the eight characteristics of Metaverse: identity, friends, immersion, low latency, diversification, anywhere, and economy System and civilization. The “metaverse is realizing” mentioned in its prospectus immediately detonated the Internet and technology giants in China and the United States, and its market value exceeded US$40 billion, reaching more than ten times its valuation a year ago.

On October 28, 2021, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced in the company’s “Facebook Connect 2021” event that Facebook will officially change its name to “Meta”, and “Meta” is the prefix of the word MetaVerse.

The realization of the metaverse requires a large amount of infrastructure, the most important part of which is the NFT, which is considered to be the best path to the metaverse.

Ø Play-to-Earn set off a revolution in the industry

Play-to-Earn (referred to as P2E), that is, earn while playing.

On May 13, 2021, a documentary “Playing and Earning — NFT Game in the Philippines” became a hit video immediately after it was broadcast. This documentary tells about the Philippines under the epidemic. Residents of a poor community rely on a blockchain game “Axie Infinity” with the concept of “playing and earning” to earn income and maintain expenses, and successfully harvested the first pot of gold’s story. After the news came out, the people of the entire village joined in, earning money to maintain family expenses in the game. Yes, although it sounds weird, in the Philippines, “making money while playing” is becoming a means for many people to make a living.

In the past 6 months, Axie Infinity’s native governance token AXS has soared from $3 to $156. This amazing growth has brought Axie’s total market value to nearly 30 billion U.S. dollars, making it one of the most valuable gaming companies in the world. If the Axie Infinity virtual world is regarded as a country, then this country now has a population of 2 million and is still growing rapidly. The country’s per capita monthly income exceeds US$2,000, ranking 26th globally, second only to South Korea.

And the core of the Axie Infinity game-pet Axies is exactly a kind of NFT asset.

The function of YieldDAO

The goal of YieldDAO is to maximize the value of NFT assets based on the metaverse world. Our agreement is automated through smart contracts, and the consensus is reached through distributed network voting by community members.

The functions of YieldDAO include:

1. Establish a global community, community members are composed of users in the following fields: gamers, game designers, digital artists, digital architects, and NFT investors. The community aims to help members screen out NFT platforms or metaverses that are suitable for participation, and guide them to survive and earn profits.

2. The community guides game players to earn while playing, and they collect rewards in the game through competition (for example, players in Axie Infinity earn tokens by winning battles).

3. The community guides game designers to design games in the sandbox game metaverse for other players to play games to earn revenue (such as developing a fishing master game in The SandBox).

4. Through the MCN mechanism, the community guides and supports digital artists or digital architects to build their art galleries in major NFT trading platforms or sandbox game metaverses, and create NFT assets to earn income.

5. The community builds a DAO investment library with investors’ funds. One is to support the members of the community to make money while playing, and the other is to purchase NFT real estate and NFT art collections with large value-added space to obtain investment income.

6. Obtain income by renting or selling NFT assets owned by YieldDAO (for example, land resold in The Sandbox or renting Axies to players for profit sharing).

7. Allow community members to participate in the governance of DAO through proposals and voting.

Economic Model

With the development of technology, more and more people are shifting their lives to the virtual world, and the entire digital economy is developing into a brand new virtual world, the so-called “metaverse”. The business model of YieldDAO is to build a bridge to the metaverse world for the members of the guild and obtain the economic benefits of it.

Business Model

1. The main income of DAO will come from directly or indirectly using NFT assets owned by YieldDAO. Through holding、selling、or leasing plans, guild members use these assets to survive and work in the metaverse.

2. Metaverse assets such as land and income can also be generated by third parties (non-guild members) after conducting economic activities in Metaverse.

3. NFT assets will also benefit from the gradual maturity and development of the metaverse to which it belongs, and will continue to produce and increase in value.

Selection Criteria

The business model of the project selected by YieldDAO needs to have the following “play to earn” rules of play to be recognized:

1. own digital virtual land layout.

2. A digital virtual world with native governance tokens and economic models.

3. The “play to earn” mode allows players to obtain rewards of native governance tokens in activities in the metaverse.

Go Live Plan

In the start-up phase, the Financial Governance Committee and the Association will focus on the following “play to earn” games that have shown great potential and have strong community support:

1. “Game King of BlockChain”-Axie Infinity.

2. “Sandbox King”-The Sandbox.

With the development of the “play and earn” model, YieldDAO’s investment portfolio will be expanded to other games that meet the standards and revenue requirements set by the DAO.

Value Proposition

Ø YieldDAO team will carry out the following work:

1. Attract new players, ambassadors, community managers and game masters, game designers, digital artists, and digital architects to create employment opportunities in the virtual world.

2. Introduce investors from NFT art collections to help them find the best projects and investment opportunities.

3. Encourage participants through activities such as level reward programs.

4. Distribute grants.

5. Discover the technology to expand revenue.

6. Purchase high-quality NFT assets.

Ø Asset type

1. ETH assets 、ETH L2 assets.

2. NFT assets, such as NFT assets in various metaverses, and NFTs of art or collectibles created by artists.

3. Platform token assets in Metaverse, such as AXS token assets in Axie Infinity.

Ø Investment pool

YieldDAO accepts investment members to participate in mainstream crypto assets and returns the final income in digital assets such as ETH. There are several ways to participate:

1. Projects pool: pledge assets to participate in a certain metaverse project (such as The SandBox project) to obtain income.

2. Digital Art Collections Pool: pledge assets to participate in the purchase of high-quality NFT collections.

3. Members pool: pledge assets to invest in specific players, designers, and other members.

4. DAO pool: pledge assets to participate in the entire DAO.

Financial Governance

The role of the YieldDAO Financial Governance Asset management joint committee is to supervise and implement YieldDAO asset management to maximize the value of DAO in the future.

Economic Activity

1. Purchase cryptocurrency assets, metaverse virtual assets, in-game token assets, and other NFT assets to promote the development of DAO.

2. Asset arbitrage maximizes returns.

3. Guide various trading activities.

4. Financial governance, such as accounting, auditing, reporting, and taxation.

Financial governance is managed by the members of the Asset management joint committee (initially the YDM founding team) through the multisign Gnosis wallet, and each transaction will require more than three multisign wallet signatures.


YieldDAO obtains funds through participating in project incubation, investment, and cooperation. The first incubation project, Dragon Capsule, will issue 10,000 NFT Dragon Capsules, which will be publicly sold in OpenSea and Rarible. The investment income of the proceeds from the sale will be used as YieldDAO’s first capital.

Ø Fund Allocation

Ultimately, the DAO will be responsible for determining the allocation of financial funds. Before the establishment of the DAO, the founding team proposed a temporary fund allocation plan based on the estimated funds raised: community/operation 9%, technology/tool 8%, management 3%, and YieldDAO fund 80%.

Portfolio report

It is planned to disclose the status of the investment portfolio on the website so that anyone can view the smart contract and its true performance over a long period in real-time.


DAO participants will be the owners and managers of the entire YieldDAO network ecosystem. The DAO will calculate the ownership of the entire DAO based on the proportion of the assets owned by the participants in the DAO and then distribute the decision-making power proportionally.

Early Architecture

The founding team will be the core and earliest participant of the DAO. The composition of the DAO will gradually expand to include early investors, asset owners, players, artists, etc. The YieldDAO community will eventually replace the founding team as the governor of the agreement.

Governance Recommendations And Voting

Proposals and votes will include but are not limited to the following topics:

1. Technology

2. Products and projects

3. Income distribution

4. Governance structure

Any community member on the YieldDAO network can send proposals through the YieldDAO website for the ecosystem to vote. Decisions will be made based on the majority of votes and implemented through a distributed system. The community can award rewards to those community members who ultimately win the proposal.

Community Plan

The scheme proposed below will be further deepened, and its mechanism will be negotiated by the DAO.

Step 1: Launch YieldDAO’s first incubation project, Dragon Capsule-10,000 Dragon Capsule NFT badges: Dragon Capsule NFT (DC for short) as the identity symbol and governance authority of YieldDAO; the owner of the DC is the aborigines of the DC metaverse, Is also the first batch of guild members of YieldDAO.

Step 2: Build the overall framework of YieldDAO and start financing.

Step 3: settle in Axie Infinity and The SandBox, purchase start-up assets, mainly the plots in the two metaverses and Axies pets.

Step 4: Develop community members and economic models. (The third step can be carried out simultaneously with the fourth step)

Cooperative Resources

Game team: YDM will cooperate with global excellent Blockchain games, NFT projects, and markets.

Art organization: YDM will attract outstanding creators of animation, comics, games, and online texts from all over the world to enter the guild, and design, create, distribute, and promote high-quality original NFT digital artworks with community vitality.

Media channels: Discord, Twitter, Medium, Youtube…

Incubation and Cooperation Projects

YieldDAO will cooperate with worldwide excellent game and art team organizations, and invest in and incubate promising NFT, GameFI, and other metaverse projects. The project will be managed and governed in the form of SubDAO. YieldDAO will provide traffic, funds, resources, and basic service support.

YieldDAO’s first incubation project is Dragon Capsule (DC).

Dragon Capsule

YieldDAO is ready to issue 10,000 Dragon Capsule NFTs as the identity symbol and governance authority of YieldDAO and to build DC NFT into the first governance NFT that combines a P2E fund pool.

We will focus on two parts of the business, P2E (game gold) & NFT. In the future, YieldDAO will combine [art + games] through various operations and developments, and become the world’s first DAO-driven “Metaverse Economy” guild organization.

Dragon Capsule has its unique cosmology and story development mainline, combined with the guild governance authority granted by YieldDAO, it is the first early pilot project of the metaverse economy that combines NFT + GameFI + DAO, and has extraordinary significance for exploring digital economic innovation.

DC Multidimensional Parallel Cosmos

Dragon Capsule Multi-Dimensional Parallel Cosmos

The DC storyline embodies the concept of multi-dimensional parallel universes, and there are open-ended parallel universe multiple storylines.

Bone (Branch one) is the first parallel cosmos game story told by the DC founding team, referred to as B1
DC MPC will launch an essay contest with prizes on DC Wiki, inviting global players to co-create and show their DC multi-dimensional parallel universe stories. YieldDAO community members vote for the best parallel universe story in each issue (one issue every 2 months) And have the opportunity to be included in the official storyline Bone to encourage and promote the evolution of the DC MPC metaverse.

DC will set up the MPC Screenwriting Award. The winning DC parallel universe story will be officially published on DC WIKI and will be adapted into a game or anime through a vote in the YieldDAO community.

DC Cosmos Narrative Line B1


In the cosmic era γ gamma-stacking era 1.98 million years, the Great Dragon civilization in the multi-dimensional parallel universe war was defeated, the Great Dragon continent fell.

A super-light-speed curvature ship carrying the remaining blood of the Dragons fled the two-dimensional battlefield, along with 10,000 Dragon capsules onboard, and accidentally crashed into the Arctic Ocean. 10,000 dragon capsules are left around the world with ocean currents.

Capsule Era (Dragon Capsule)

Each dragon capsule is unique. The Dragon capsule needs to find a host (preferably a highly intelligent creature-such as a human) to activate the incubation. After the dragon capsule contacts the host, it will establish a unique biological DNA binding, start the host parasitism process, and transform It is the symbiotic body of the dragon and activate the power of the dragon.

Otherwise, the Dragon Capsule will continue to freeze until it is activated by a suitable host.

Dragon Era (Symbiont of Dragon)

When the Dragon capsule is combined with the host, the host can transform and evolve into the form of a dragon symbiosis warrior, summoning the powerful hidden super abilities of the dragon clan. If the capsule is a complete body, it can be fully controlled by the host and become a super dragon warrior;

If the capsule is radiation-damaged, it may affect the host’s central nervous system through mutated genes and become a dark dragon warrior who rebels against the host’s will and has unpredictable behavior.

Each dragon symbiosis form is unique; it has different appearances, badges, blood genes, hidden abilities, and can gain experience points through battle.

Collect 10 types of dragon capsules (golden, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, thunder, photoelectric ice), which can be exchanged for super dragon symbiosis (9 super dragon NFTs issued every month), and super dragon saints can be summoned. Super dragon cards can kill ordinary dragon cards in seconds. ;

Play To Earn

The Dragon Capsule game issues 1 trillion DC points, which are exchanged at 1 USDT: 500,000 DC; DC is the only credible calculation basis for this game’s ranking.

Dragon Capsule is a turn-based NFT card game for two players. Each round requires at least 500,000 DC game points to be invested as a bonus (500,000 DC is approximately equal to 1 USDT. Both parties decide to invest in the DC bonus amount, and the winner will take all the bonus. );

The Dragon Capsule game rankings are counted in real-time every day, and the DC website will publish weekly rankings and monthly rankings;

Brand & IP of DC Cosmos

The storyline and image creation of Dragon Capsule Cosmos can be promoted as brand IP in the future and receive IP income. DC cosmos’ IP and derivative income belong to the original creative team of DC.


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