Meson Network


Rediscovering DePIN, bidding farewell to hardware constraints

The current direction of DePIN appears to be trapped in a hardware-centric loop, contradicting the open and inclusive ethos of Web3.

Meson Vector Plan

Many of you may know Meson Network for offering a decentralized content delivery network (CDN) service for Web3 users for the last couple of years.

Gateway X: Paving the Way for Mass Adoption of Web3 Infrastructure

Gateway X addresses issues from the founder's perspective 🔭 : Paving the Way for Mass Adoption of Web3 Infrastructure

Koii x Meson Network: A Perfect Decentralized Pairing

Curious about what’s going on behind the scenes of decentralization?If so, you should pay attention to Koii’s partnership with the Meson Network.

RSS3 × Meson Network: Supporting the open information syndication protocol in Web3

Meson Network, a bandwidth trading platform built on blockchain and RSS3, an open information syndication protocol entered into a strategic ...

CyberConnect × Meson Network: Supporting the social graph in Web3

CyberConnect × Meson NetworkCyberConnect has built an extensible standardized social graph module that links users’ on-chain/off-chain data,...

Content2049: Green Consensus Scales

Content2049: Green Consensus ScalesContent2049: Green Consensus ScalesHost: Meson Network Co host: KlimaDAO, BFCA, IOTA,Thundercore Date: 29 Dec 2021

ShowMe launches collaboration with Meson Network

ShowMe is a subscription NFT social network built on Web3. The core function is subscription + PONA. Subscription supports anyone can create...

Permacast integrates Meson to Load Assets at 2x Speed

Web3 Podcast hosting platform Permacast’s latest deployment replaced references to with a custom Meson Network endpoint URL whic...

Explore Data Center Carbon Credit Protocol(DCCC)

From Meson NetworkAbstractAs the digital economy advances, data centers have become necessities, the core infrastructure that makes modern-day living possible.


我们提出在数据中心维度建立碳排放交易的协议,引入 PUE、使用率、供电结构等指标并尝试使用 DCCC 来做具体的衡量。协议本身还在早期,我们希望抛砖引玉能引入更多有志之士一起参与该协议的讨论和治理。

Content2049: Reinvent Web Content

Host: Meson Network Participating: RSS3, Numbers Protocol, Beemup Platform: Twitter Space Time: 16 December 5:00 PM (UTC +8) Agenda:Importa...

The importance of bandwidth in Web 3.0

What is bandwidth?1. As shown in the figure below, the global Internet is linked by a backbone of cable networks that connect different coun...

Meson Network enhance Arweave

Meson Network enhance ArweaveHow to use Meson Network to enhance Arweave Upload a file to Arweave network and get dataTxId.{“name”: “Top Gun...

Meson Network Enters Partnership with GameFi Powerhouse Monster Battle

Meson Network * Monster Battle Meson Network and GameFi powerhouse Monster Battle have reached a strategic partnership.

NFTScan partners with Meson Network on Web 3.0 dCDN solution

Meson Network and NFTScan have reached a strategic partnership — By integrating Meson Network dCDN solution, NFTscan explorer is obtaining a...

Matters Lab 宣布與 Meson Network 戰略合作

Matters Lab 宣布與 Meson Network 戰略合作Matters Lab 正在建立更為去中心化的社交與內容圖譜,令用戶在從內容創作到分發的全過程中,都可以擺脫平台,完全掌握自己的創作與社交數據,並更容易在不同平台之間遷移、共享。

Meson Network幫助WordPress開發者更好的接入Web3.0網絡

Meson Network 是一家 Web3.0 帶寬交易市場,利用區塊鏈協議模型整合閒置帶寬資源,為 Arweave、IPFS 等 Web3.0 基礎設施提供了數據傳輸的基石。而 WordPress 作為 Web2.0 時代最受歡迎的博客系統,擁有著龐大的開發者用戶基數,其中...

Meson Network帮助WordPress开发者更好的接入Web3.0网络

Meson Network 是一家 Web3.0 带宽交易市场,利用区块链协议模型整合闲置带宽资源,为 Arweave、IPFS 等 Web3.0 基础设施提供了数据传输的基石。而 WordPress 作为 Web2.0 时代最受欢迎的博客系统,拥有着庞大的开发者用户基数,其中也...

Meson Network helps WordPress developers better access to the Web3.0

Meson Network is a Web3.0 bandwidth trading market that uses the blockchain protocol model to integrate idle bandwidth resources and provid...

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