不負責任翻譯 | 3月7日烏克蘭總統澤連斯基第二次演講全文


Peaceful people of a belligerent state!


We have been defending ourselves against the invasion for 12 days already. We never wanted this war. But it was brought to us. We never dreamed of killing. But we have to knock out the enemy. From our land and from our lives.


We have to endure what no other European nation has seen in 80 years. And it is on our land that it is decided whether someone else in Europe will fall victim to the same aggression. I’m telling this to the leaders of the world and I hear that they agree. We decide the future of the continent. With our resistance. And our friends – with their help.


I spoke again with Polish President Andrzej Duda. They help us. Keep working. I spoke with Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson and Prime Minister of Italy Mario Draghi. With President of France Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister of India Modi. I received very important signals, which, I’m sure, will only strengthen Ukraine.

我再次與波蘭總統安傑伊杜達(Andrzej Duda)會談。他們會繼續幫助我們。我也與英國首相鮑里斯·約翰遜(Boris Johnson)、意大利首相馬里奧·德拉吉(Mario Draghi)、與法國總統馬克龍和印度總理莫迪進行了交談。我收到了非常重要的信號,我敢肯定,這會加強烏克蘭的實力。

Our theses in conversations with partners are absolutely logical. They are fair. Honest. If the invasion continues and Russia does not abandon its plans against Ukraine, then a new sanctions package is needed. New sanctions, new sanction steps against war and for peace. Boycott of Russian exports. In particular, the refusal of oil and petroleum products from Russia. This can be called an embargo. Or just morality. When you refuse to give money to a terrorist. Boycott of imports to Russia. If they do not want to follow civilized rules, they should not receive goods and services from civilization. Let the war feed them. The international community must act even more decisively.


When someone loses their mind, we have to lose fear and forget about commerce. We need to defend ourselves. You have to be moral. Both states and companies. We must fight against the inhuman force that wants to destroy humanity itself. The success of the Ukrainian army. The will of the Ukrainian people. The principled nature of international sanctions. This is the way to peace. At night the invaders fired at Mykolaiv. Right at the residential areas. Using rocket artillery. They fired at Kharkiv, at residential areas of a peaceful city. They fired at other cities of our state. No military sense. Just terror. Residents of Irpen, Bucha, Hostomel and many other towns and villages, which the invader managed to capture, are being held hostage. Temporarily. Until the invaders get punishment. And they will get it. Our Armed Forces know how to do it.

當有人失去理智時,我們必須放棄恐懼並忘記商業考慮。我們需要保護自己。無論是國家還是公司,都必須有道德。我們必須與想要毀滅人類的滅絕人性的力量作鬥爭。烏克蘭軍隊的成功、烏克蘭人民的意願、 國際制裁的原則性質,這些都是通往和平的道路。晚上,入侵者使用火箭炮向尼古拉耶夫居民區開火。 他們向一個和平城市哈爾科夫的住宅區開槍。他們向我們的其他城市開火。完全沒有軍事常識。是純綷的恐怖。入侵者設法佔領的伊爾平、布恰、戈斯托梅利和許多其他城鎮和村莊的居民成為了人質。入侵者將會受到他們的懲罰。我們的武裝部隊知道如何讓他們吃苦頭。

The enemy is tired. Demoralized. They came to our land to look for something that has never been here: cowardice, consent to slavery. Any normal person is afraid to look at burned houses. It is obvious. Destroyed panel high-rise buildings. Destroyed ordinary cars. Missiles, air bombs, “Grads”, mortars. Against people. It feels like it’s in another country. But this is in our country. In ours, not somewhere else. In ours. Which has always wanted peace above anything else.


How many more deaths and losses are needed to secure the sky over Ukraine? How do civilians in Kharkiv or Mykolaiv differ from Hamburg or Vienna? We are waiting for a decision. Securing the sky. Either with the power you have, or give us fighter jets and air defense systems that will provide us with the strength we need. This is the help that the world should provide not just to Ukraine, but to itself. To prove: humanity will win. As soon as possible.

為了保護烏克蘭上空,還需要多少人死亡和損失? 哈爾科夫或尼古拉耶夫的平民與漢堡或維也納有何不同?我們正在等待一個決定:設立禁飛區。要麼用你擁有的力量,要麼給我們戰鬥機和防空系統,提供我們需要的力量。這是世界不單應為烏克蘭提供幫助,也應該為它自己提供幫助,來證明人性將會獲勝。要盡快!

The Government of Ukraine is already working on how to restore our state after the victory. How to give more strength to the country while we are fighting. A special package of assistance to businesses and employees has been created. Sole proprietors of the first and second groups are completely exempt from UST. Enterprises and sole proprietors of the third group are exempt from paying UST for employees who were drafted into the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other defense formations. In particular, the territorial defense.

烏克蘭政府已經在研究在勝利後如何恢復我們的國家。如何在我們戰鬥的時候給國家更多的力量。我們會為企業和員工提供了特殊的援助計劃。 第一組和第二組的獨資經營者將會完全免除統一社會稅收(Unified Social Tax)。第三組的企業和獨資經營者的僱員因為被徵召入烏克蘭武裝部隊和其他國防機構,尤其是領土防禦,也可以豁免統一社會稅收。

Exemption from land tax and rent for state and communal land in all areas where hostilities are taking place. All this is during martial law and at least a year after its end. The payment of taxes for all enterprises that are unable to pay them is postponed. And this is only the first part of a large aid package. Government support. All leaders of the central government have a clear task: to develop a system of action so that the recovery of Ukraine is rapid and focused only on people. First of all – on people.


For us all to return to peace, to normal work. When we return our land, return peace to our land. I am grateful to all business owners and managers who continue to work and fulfill their obligations to their employees. To pay salaries to people – even if the company does not work as before – is to protect Ukraine. The state fulfills all its obligations. Indexed pensions have already been provided to the people. The salary in the budget sphere is paid as it should be.


Ukrainians! There are millions of us. And these are millions of ways to fight for our future. For our state. For our freedom. For our national flag. Blue and yellow. Not a tricolor. We defend our flag because it is our worldview. Under the blue and yellow we gained victories at the Olympics. We unfurled this flag both in space and in Antarctica. Under our national flag, our rescuers, firefighters, peacekeepers, medics and everyone else came to the aid of Turkey, Greece, Israel and Georgia, Afghanistan and Montenegro, India, Italy, the Congo and many other countries. What we have never done under this flag is attacking other countries, seizing foreign lands, killing people, peaceful people of other nations. We and terror are different universes.


That is why there is no blood on our flag. There are no and will never be black spots on it. There are no and will never be any swastikas on it. The Ukrainian flag is the land. Peaceful, fertile, golden and without tanks. This is the sky. Peaceful, clear, blue and without missiles. So it was. And so it will be.


I believe! I know.

Glory to Ukraine!




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