不負責任翻譯 |3月9日烏克蘭總統澤連斯基演講全文

敵人雖然可以摧毀我們的家園,學校,教堂的牆壁,他們可以摧毀烏克蘭企業,但永遠不會消滅我們的靈魂,我們的心靈,我們自由生活和大胆戰鬥的能力。|好像只有IG有關演講片段... 未能embed|有如翻譯有錯,多多見諒及指點

Brave Ukrainians of the unconquered country!


It is already the 14th day of our defense. The 14th day of our unity. Truly all-Ukrainian. The scale of the threat to the state is maximum. The invasion contingent has already brought into our territory almost everyone who was gathered to invade Ukraine. But the scale of our answer is maximum as well. And these are two different words "maximum".


They have only equipment. At the maximum. We have our people in addition to the equipment. Up to the mark. They only have orders. To attack, to kill, to abuse. And we have a real desire of millions of Ukrainians to win. Defend ourselves. Clear our state...


And on the renewed land. There will be no enemy, adversary, And there will be a son, and there will be a mother, And there will be people on the land.


Today is Taras Shevchenko's birthday. This is our old dream. It is his dream to clean the land. And it is alive! And quite real.

今天是塔拉斯· 舍甫琴科的生日。這是我們的舊夢。他的夢想是清理土地。這夢仍然活著!而且非常真實。



Everything is in our hands! We withstood and inspired the whole world with our determination. There is no such place on earth where they are not aware of the heroism with which the Ukrainian people defend our beautiful land. Even where we are not supported, they know well what we have achieved. And they feel what else we will achieve if we save the country. If we maintain unity. National force. If we continue to respond wisely and boldly to the activity of the enemy who can destroy the walls of our homes, our schools, our churches, who can destroy Ukrainian enterprises, but will never reach our soul, our heart, our ability to live freely and fight boldly.


Our military and territorial defense units managed to replenish the arsenal of our equipment due to the many trophies they took on the battlefield. Enemy tanks, armored vehicles, ammunition will now work for our defense. For our lives. For our country. What could be more humiliating for the invaders? We will beat the enemy with his own weapons. In addition to ours, which the Russian troops have already felt well, so that more and more enemy soldiers and commanders are asking themselves a simple question: why were they sent to this foreign land, to this war? And we have no answer. Except for one word - death.


Russian soldiers! You still have a chance to survive. Almost two weeks of our resistance have shown you that we will not give up. Because this is our home. These are our families and children. We will fight until we regain our land and take revenge for all our killed people. For the killed children. You can still be saved if you just leave. Do not believe your commanders when they tell you that you still have a chance in Ukraine. Nothing is waiting for you here. Except for captivity, except for death. You take our lives and give yours. And we know - we have communications interception - that your commanders already understand everything. This war must be ended. We must return to peace. Leave our home, go back to yours.


14 days of a full-scale brutal war. Terror against our people. Destruction of cities, blockade of entire districts, constant bombing... 14 days of absence of a vital decision. Not our decision! We would make that decision in hours if we had to help our friends.


From the first day of the Russian invasion, Ukraine has been repeating to its partners that if you do not close the sky, you will also be responsible for this catastrophe, a large-scale humanitarian catastrophe. Russia uses missiles, aircraft, helicopters against us, against civilians, against our cities, against our infrastructure. This is the world's humanitarian duty to respond. But... There is no decision.


We are grateful to Poland for the alternative - for its readiness to provide Ukraine with combat aircraft. The problem is in logistics. In fact, it is a technical issue. It must be solved! Immediately. There is an official decision of Poland to transfer the planes to the relevant base - the American base. We also have confirmation - we have all heard - that the agreement between the American party and Poland has been reached. But at the same time we hear that Poland's proposal is allegedly unfounded. And that's what they say in Washington. We also read this. So when will the decision be made? Listen: we have a war! We do not have time for all these signals. This is not ping pong! This is about human lives! We ask once again: solve it faster. Do not shift the responsibility, send us planes.

我們感謝波蘭的替代方案 - 它準備向烏克蘭提供戰鬥機。但問題出於物流。這只是一個技術問題。它必須馬上解決!波蘭已經正式決定將飛機轉移到美國基地。我們聽說過美國和波蘭之間已經達成了協定。但與此同時,我們又從華盛頓那面聽說波蘭的計劃只是空穴來風。那麼什麼時候會做出決定呢?你們聽著:我們正在打仗!我們沒有時間去理解這些消息。現在不是打乒乓球!這是關於人的生命!我們再次要求:要更快地解決,不要轉移責任,我們需要戰機。

Yesterday we finally managed to organize a humanitarian corridor. From the city of Sumy to Poltava. 1,600 students and 3,500 residents were rescued. Evacuation of people from cities and towns of the Kyiv region continues. More than 18,000 people have already been rescued from Dymer, Vorzel and Irpin. Today we will do everything to continue the functioning of humanitarian corridors. Sumy - Poltava. Izyum - Lozova. Enerhodar - Zaporizhzhia. Mariupol - Zaporizhzhia. Vorzel, Bucha, Borodyanka, Hostomel to Kyiv. Our government officials are working on this, our servicemen have created all the conditions. If there is at least one shot, full responsibility lies with the invaders. And you have already seen the world’s response. Powerful. Sanction packages.


In the morning I spoke with Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau. We have full understanding. Full support. Our delegation returned from Belarus last night, from negotiations. I will listen to their report. We will prepare for the next rounds of talks. For the sake of Ukraine. For peace.

早上,我與加拿大總理賈斯汀·特魯多(Justin Trudeau)進行了交談。我們有充分的理解,並得到全力支援。我國代表團昨晚也於白俄羅斯的談判中返回。我將聽取他們的報告。為了烏克蘭與和平,我們將為下一輪會談作準備。

And finally. Concerning our unity. This is our strength. This is what is needed at this time. We are receiving a lot of signals that someone in Ukraine has decided that he or she may not fight anymore together with everyone. And tries somehow separately, for something personal, for some personal benefit... We are receiving various signals that some politicians are looking for threads to Russia again. And some others are again working for a split, contrary to unity.


I want to say one thing and only once: I see what you are doing. If I hear another signal, the answer will be quick. As befits wartime.


Thank God, our people have already sorted everything and everyone out.


Glory to Ukraine!


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