不負責任翻譯 | 3月3日烏克蘭總統澤連斯基演講全文


Good health to you. Dear Ukrainians! Strong and kind. But - kind NOT to enemies. We are a nation that broke the enemy’s plans in a week. Plans that have been built for years. Treacherously. Deliberately. With hatred of our country, of our people, of any people who have heart and freedom. But we stopped them. We beat them. Our military, border guards, territorial defense. Even ordinary farmers capture the Russian military on a daily basis. And they all say one thing: they don’t know why they’re here. Despite the fact that their quantity is ten times bigger, the morale of the enemy is deteriorating. More and more invaders are fleeing back to Russia. From us. From you. From all who drive out the enemy with javelins, stugnas, guns, tanks, planes, helicopters. Everything that shoots. But Ukrainians are beating the enemy even without weapons.


I sincerely admire the heroic civilians of Konotop, Bashtanka, Energodar, Melitopol. Other towns and villages, who do not let the invaders in by blocking the roads. People come out in front of enemy vehicles. This is extremely dangerous. But this is brave. It is also salvation. I’m sure you saw a video from Melitopol where Ukrainians protested against Russians who entered our city. Temporarily. I am sure of this: if they entered somewhere, it is only temporarily. We’ll drive them out. With shame. As those people, ordinary people who drive the invaders out grocery stores when the Russian soldiers are trying to find food do. These are not warriors of the superpowers. These are confused children who were used. Take them home.


Ukrainians! Every invader should know: they will not get anything here. No one will be conquered. Even if they can accumulate more equipment and more people, it doesn’t change anything for them. Wherever they enter. They will be destroyed everywhere. They will not have peace. They will not have food. They will not have a single quiet moment. The invaders will receive only a rebuff from Ukrainians. Fierce rebuff. Such a rebuff that they will forever remember that we will not give up what’s ours. Yes, for us, it is a patriotic war. That they will remember what the patriotic war is. We remember how patriotic wars begin. And we know how they end. For the invaders. Our army is doing everything to break the enemy completely. Almost nine thousand Russians were killed! In one week!


In the Mykolaiv direction, invaders have to take away the “two hundred” and “three hundred” with tens of helicopters. 19 years, 20 year. what did they see in life, apart from this invasion? But most of them remain everywhere. Ukraine does not want to be covered with military corpses. Go home. Your whole army. Tell your commanders that you want to live. Not to die. To live. The war must be stopped and peace restored as soon as possible.


Today was, as usual, an active day of negotiations with the leaders of the member states of our anti-war coalition. I held talks with the heads of government of Norway and Israel. With the President of Kazakhstan. With the Emir of Qatar Tamim Bin Hamas al Thani. With President of the European Council Charles Michel. With Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau. With President of Poland Andrzej Duda.

像往常一樣,今天我們與反戰聯盟成員國的領導人進行了積極的談判。我與挪威和以色列政府首腦舉行了會談;與哈薩克斯坦總統;與卡塔爾的塔米姆·本·哈邁德·阿勒薩尼;與歐洲理事會主席查爾斯·米歇爾;與加拿大總理賈斯汀·特魯多。 與波蘭總統安傑伊·杜達。

Brilliant result at the UN General Assembly. 141 countries supported the resolution, which calls on Russia to withdraw troops from Ukraine immediately. 141 states stand for us! And for Russia only four states that voted against. Here is the list: North Korea, Eritrea, Syria and Belarus. This is the list. These are the friends. And there will be no others for the state that does not know how to live in peace.


Today I held a meeting with the heads of regions and cities of Ukraine. The new head of Odesa regional state administration is already working. Maksym Marchenko. Military. Professional. Our guys on the ground are working hard to organize “green corridors”. To take out civilians. To bring medicine. Volnovakha, cities of the Kyiv, Sumy, Kharkiv regions, south of Ukraine. This is very difficult. Extremely difficult. We are opposed by terror. But terror loses. Thanks to our heroes.

今天,我與烏克蘭地區和城市的負責人進行了會晤。敖德薩地區行政部門的新負責人Maksym Marchenko已經開始工作。他是專業的軍人出身。我們的地面人員正在努力組織“綠色走廊”(人道走廊),希望可以帶走平民及提供藥物。沃爾諾瓦哈,烏克蘭南部的基輔、蘇梅、哈爾科夫地區的城市正在處於非常困難的環境,是極其困難。雖然我們受到恐怖的反撃。但因為我們的英雄,他們輸了。

Today I signed a decree awarding the title of Hero of Ukraine to fifteen of our defenders:


All 40 million are like there fifteen heroes!

Glory to Ukraine!


...... (見第二部份)



Senior Lieutenant Maksym Vitallyovych Bilokon. Posthumously. He took part in repelling the enemy’s attack during the defence of Chernihiv, destroyed the enemy’s subversive group and two enemy tanks.

Lieutenant Colonel Oleksandr Valeriyovych Kaplchun. Posthumously. Thanks to his heroic actions, the enemy column was stopped, equipment and enemy soldiers were destroyed.

Soldier Oleksandr Volodymyrovych Lukyanovych. Posthumously. During the battle he neutralized up to three dozen units of enemy equipment. He was fatally wounded by an air strike.

Junior Sergeant Mykhallo Mykhallovych Nesolyony. Posthumously. He died in close combat with enemt forces while evacuation people.

Soldier Andriy Valerlyovych Nikonchuk. Posthumously. He protected the Kyiv HPP from Russian air raids and missile strikes.

Lieutenant Vitalii Romanoviyh Sapyi. Posthumously. Tank platoon commander. Neutralized three dozen enemy vehicles. Killed by an air strike.

Chief Sergeant Oleksly Oleksanrovych Senyuk. Posthumously. He defended Chernihiv, destroyed two enemy IFVs and captured a T-72 tanks. Killed by an air strike.

Lieutenant Vladyslav Petrovych Ukrainets. Posthumously. He covers the retreat of brothers-in-arms when the enemy attacked.

Major Stepan Ivanovych Choban. Posthumously. The pilot of the Su-27. Distracted the enemy aircraft over Kropyvnytskyi.

Major Ihor Vasyliovych Mykhalchuk. Head of the tank battalion unit. Destroyed numerous enemy armored vehicles.

Colonel Serhiy Mykolayovych Musienko. Head of the Missile and Artillery Division. Inflicted devastating blows on the enemy in the Kharkiv direction.

Lieutenant Yevhen Mykhailovych Plachenko. Tank platoon commander. Covered the exit of the brigade from the encirclement.

Major Vladyslav Yuriyovych Prokopenko. Head of the tank battalion. Withdrew personnel and equipment from the encirclement without loss.

Lieutenant Colonel Pavlo Yurlyovych Fedosenko. Head of the unit of the 92nd brigade. For the effective defense of Kharkiv.

Senoir Lieutenant Dmytro Petrovych Chavalakh. For heroic participation in the defense of the Kherson region.

中尉Maksym Vitallyovych Bilokon。死亡。他在切爾尼戈夫防禦期間擊退敵人的進攻,摧毀了敵人的集團和兩輛坦克。

中校Oleksandr Valeriyovych Kaplchun。死亡。由於他的英勇行動,成功阻止敵人的縱隊,摧毀了敵軍裝備和士兵。

士兵 Oleksandr Volodymyrovych Lukyanovych。死亡。在戰鬥中,他消滅了多達三十多團的裝備。死於空襲。

中士 Mykhallo Mykhallovych Nesolyony。死亡。他在疏散人員時與敵軍近距離交戰而死。

士兵 Andriy Valerlyovych Nikonchuk。死亡。他保護基輔免受俄羅斯空襲和導彈襲擊。

中尉Vitalii Romanoviyh Sapyi。死亡。坦克排長。消滅了三十多架敵方車輛。死於空襲。

中士長Oleksly Oleksanrovych Senyuk。死亡。他保衛了切爾尼戈夫,摧毀了兩輛敵方步兵戰車並繳獲了一輛 T-72 坦克。死於空襲。

中尉Vladyslav Petrovych Ukrainets。死亡。當敵人進攻時,他掩護了戰友撤退。

少校Stepan Ivanovych Choban。死亡。Su-27的飛行員。在 Kropyvnytskyi 上空分散敵機的注意力。

少校Ihor Vasyliovych Mykhalchuk。坦克營單位的負責人。摧毀了許多敵方裝甲車。

上校Serhiy Mykolayovych Musienko。導彈和砲兵部部長。對哈爾科夫的敵人造成毀滅性打擊。

中尉Yevhen Mykhailovych Plachenko。坦克排長。從包圍圈中確保了旅團的撤離。

少校Vladyslav Yuriyovych Prokopenko。坦克營營長。從包圍圈中順利撤出人員和設備。

中校Pavlo Yurlyovych Fedosenko。第92旅大隊隊長。成功保衛哈爾科夫。

中尉Dmytro Petrovych Chavalakh。英勇參與保衛赫爾鬆地區。


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