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Does Sell in May and Go Away applied in the market for 2022?

If you have couples of years experience on the stock markets, you won't feel strange to the saying "Sell in May and Go Away", in the past the stock markets always closed at low in May as people is ready to have their holiday, low liquidity and high volatile huh.

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Anyway, I retired from the stock markets for years, I only deal with my MPF stock fund now, it's compulsory, I have no choice, otherwise I don't even want to get involved in the HK stock markets anymore.

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Dow Jones had a really good performance last night and ended up it closed 900 points+, heard that it was because the Fed douses hawkish bets on USD. It's expected that today the stock markets in Asian are going up accordingly.

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At the moment the Hang Send Index in Hong Kong is up 300 points+, actually I expect it is going up much more when it opens, anyway, the Hong Kong market is opened for few minutes only, there is still long way to run for today. Maybe end up it is going to rally more than 1000+, who knows?

I need to think is that if the Sell in May and Go Away still work this year? The COVID changed the world these years, with the Government keep printing the money, will people willing to keep cash on their hand anymore? em...I guess nope, the inflation is very bad these years, people is losing their buying power if they simply keep cash on hands, let's make a bet the markets are not going to fall a lot in May , as the situation is really interesting in 2022.


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