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My Leo Power Weekly review (9) + late Leo Power up day

It's not surprised to seeing the Asian stocks market fall very bad at all, as DJ felt more than 900 points when it closed last Friday. If the markets in Asian don't follow the DJ trend last Friday, people would surprised !

The crypto markets are following the stocks markets trend dipping quite hard today, all major tokens are falling including Hive, Leo, some my friends in the discussion group went a bit panic today but I don't have any special emotion on that, it's just a routine for the crypto suddenly goes up and down, if there's no volatile, there's no opportunity, agree?

Well, I have some Hive token on Hive engine, it's good chance to get some Leo token when it dips more than Hive lately, I can spend same amount of Hive to get more Leo today. Good.

I got 32+ Leo token after swapping Hive to Leo on Hive engine, it's time to do power up, actually I should have done it on weekend, I am late. Wow, I have 159 Leo Power now, it's still a long way to reach my second goal in 500 LP but everything is going well as of today, take my time and look forward to seeing my LP getting larger and larger. Cheers.


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