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Fermentation equipment of craft beer equipment

The fermentation system is undoubtedly the most self-controlled system in the whole brewing equipment. The fermentation system is composed of fermentation tanks, and due to the special characteristics of fermentation tanks, the temperature and pressure inside the tanks can be controlled automatically. Therefore, the equipment with the highest degree of self-control is the fermentation system.

Without further ado, I will take you closer to the fermentation system.

Nowadays, most of the fermenters are mainly conical in shape, because conical fermenters are more convenient for yeast sedimentation and recovery after the main fermentation. (Compared to conical fermenters with larger yeast precipitation separation, you can make up your own mind). Conical fermenter is a closed tank, the natural convection of the wine in the fermenter is stronger, the higher the tank, the stronger the convection effect. Convection strength and tank shape, capacity and cooling system control related to the shape of the tank, for the conical tank diameter to height ratio of 1:1.3-1:1.5 is generally appropriate. In terms of volume, the maximum capacity should be more than 25% more than the effective volume.

In addition to the corresponding tank body, the fermenter of course still needs the corresponding accessories.

1. Temperature sensor, in the main fermentation process, accurate temperature control and precise temperature measurement are needed. Home brewing equipment generally uses thermometers, large equipment generally uses temperature sensors, and now the brewery temperature control mostly uses computers.

2. Pressure gauge, in the fermentation and storage process, the pressure of the conical tank must be monitored.

3. Sampling valve, the conical tank is equipped with a sampling port to sample the beer at any time to measure the sugar work.

4. Pressure regulator and breathing valve, used to control the pressure inside the tank.

5. Cleaning ball, used to clean the fermenter before and after use.

6. Hop dry pitching port, used to add new hops to the wine in the late fermentation period.

Beer equipment models are small and large, fermentation tanks from 50L-20000L can do, for different types of stores, different needs, will be configured according to the output, customer requirements of different models of fermentation tanks.

Broadly divided into: home brewing enthusiasts will generally use more 50L; hotel bar equipment generally 100-500L mostly, occasionally there will be 1000L-2000L fermentation tanks; like small breweries, in general, are 1000L and above fermentation up.

After the general situation will also have special circumstances, some friends in the case of production requirements, in order to reduce investment, rationalization of investment will also appear saccharification: fermentation for 1:2-1:5, mostly in the brewery project, such as 2000L saccharification, due to the combination of saccharification system can achieve continuous production, fermentation tank will be matched to 4-10T fermentation tank is also common.

Friends can choose the right fermentation system solution according to their own production and investment budget.China Vdo Machinery (JINAN) Co., Ltd is a professional craft beer brewing equipment manufacturer.


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