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Craft beer always tastes bad, beer equipment you choose the right?

Recently, a friend complained to me that the craft beer he made always tasted bad, but there was nothing wrong with either the ingredients or the process, so what was the problem?

The taste of the craft beer made is not good. If there is no problem with the quality and dosage of raw materials and no problem with the operation process, we have to think about whether it is a problem with the beer equipment.You may wonder: why does beer equipment affect the taste of craft beer? Let's analyze the reasons from these three points

First, whether the design of beer equipment is reasonable

The design of beer equipment is very important, and even a small accessory needs to be improved by technicians and senior brewers.

If the design of the beer equipment is not reasonable, first of all, the brewer will have trouble operating it, and secondly, it will prolong the brewing time, and the taste of the craft beer made will naturally not be as good as it should be.

Second, whether the material of beer equipment is qualified

Nowadays, many manufacturers will use general materials instead of food-grade stainless steel for profit. If you do not understand the friends are easy to be in the dark.

Beer equipment made of general materials is prone to rust, which affects the quality of our brewed craft beer and makes it taste worse.

Third, the smoothness of the inner wall of the beer equipment is qualified

Professional beer equipment manufacturers require that the inside of the equipment be mirror-grade, which is a requirement.However, some manufacturers do not meet the requirements in order to save labor costs.

If the inside of the beer equipment is not up to mirror level, bacteria can easily remain when cleaning the equipment. When we next brew craft beer, the residual bacteria will then contaminate the quality of the wine and affect the taste of the craft beer.

From these points above, it is easy to see that beer equipment can really affect the taste of craft beer. So when you are choosing beer equipment, you must start from the details and carefully select the beer equipment.

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