This NBA farce is very much like baseball in Japan 147 years ago

The ten commandments of the CIA against China (excerpt): We must do everything possible to do a good job in communication, including films, ...

The "fifth column" within China must be eradicated

In recent years, we often see all kinds of rumors raging on the domestic network, creating anxiety, causing panic, intensifying contradicti...

Summarize "Jiang Ziya" in two words: upside down! ——Also on Jiang Ziya, the founder of "Peaceful Evolution", "The Twelve Sections of Wenfa" and the "Ten Commandments" of the CIA

Two words can sum up the theme of the movie "Jiang Ziya"-upside down!That is, using the trick of "reversing black and white" and the new edi...

Dulles' Ten Commandments for Peaceful Evolution

1. Try to use material things to lure and corrupt their youth, and encourage them to despise and openly oppose their original ideological education.

Vicious Heart Full Penetration

The US Anti China forces have carefully designed and plotted to overthrow China's current political system with malicious intentions!

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