Summarize "Jiang Ziya" in two words: upside down! ——Also on Jiang Ziya, the founder of "Peaceful Evolution", "The Twelve Sections of Wenfa" and the "Ten Commandments" of the CIA

Two words can sum up the theme of the movie "Jiang Ziya"-upside down! That is, using the trick of "reversing black and white" and the new edition of "exquisite and pale", to instigate rebellion and spread the idea of ​​"rebellious system! Rebellious leader! Rebellious authority!"! Play a role in guiding public opinion similar to the "Voice of America"!

reverse! It's nothing more than the old method of "peaceful evolution" that features the old age! For example, Yue Fei was not a national hero, so the traitor Qin Hui stood up, the traitor Li Hongzhang was rendered as worrying about the country and the people, Chiang Kai-shek was beautified, the national army was beautified, and the Republic of China was beautified as a "golden decade". The ugly and slander "starved 30 million to death", Mao Zedong was stigmatized and slandered, the heroes Liu Hulan, Lei Feng, Huang Jiguang, etc. were all slandered and slandered again. State-owned enterprises with poor performance were slandered as "zombie enterprises", and state-owned enterprises with good performance were slandered as "zombie enterprises". "Monopoly", privatization is the way out for state-owned enterprises (whether the benefit of the public economy is good or bad, is it a sin?), the United States has been beautified as a "beacon nation", and the problems in China are "systematic problems and the need to be in line with international standards. Carrying out political system reforms", leading the party glorious, patriots were vilified as "angry youths, dicks, patriotic thieves", pro-American and foreign slaves were glorified as "elite, public knowledge", so that it polluted the good word "common knowledge" and became the Internet Derogatory terms...the cultural realm of the old age, reversing black and white, and peaceful evolution are commonplace! The common people have long been "not to blame"!

So, what is the "reverse" routine in the movie "Jiang Ziya"?

The movie tells you that Su Daji is innocent. The film author named Su Daji "Xiao Jiu", and let Jiang Ziya and "Xiao Jiu" get in touch with each other. It is probably also a feeling that Jiang Ziya and Su Daji are together, which is really laughable. The movie tells you, the nine-tailed fox demon. It is the victim of being deceived by Tianzun, the entire fox monster clan is the victim; the big villain Shen Gongbao is a hero; but Tianzun, who lived in the temple, overthrew the old world of Shang Zhou, and established the new world of Zhou Dynasty, has been vilified! It's like the characteristics of the old era that vilified Mao Zedong!

The film’s author repeatedly emphasized that Tianzun was a liar. Although no convincing evidence was compiled in the film, Nine-Tailed Fox told Jiang Ziya that Tianzun asked her to help destroy the quotient. After he promised to grant her a god reward, after the actual success, he killed the fox clan. Extinguish the mouth (it doesn’t make sense logically. If Tianzun wants to kill the nine-tailed fox, why should he wipe out all the innocent foxes?), the new world built by Tianzun is also rendered like hell, saving the world The ghost can only be the mysterious bird present. When the mysterious bird appears, the film features its "one-eyed", implying that "Freemasonry" is the mysterious bird... The climax of the movie is Jiang Ziya's last rebellion! Hearing the words of the nine-tailed fox, without verifying it, he "brightened the sword" to his system! Wield and beat the gods and whip to Tianzun...The narrator said that Tianzun was subjugated by his own master (a higher-level god), and Tianzun's general trend is gone, so the style of the film is reversed, and the previous hell-like world becomes sunny and beautiful, This is all the "credit" of Jiang Ziya's rebellion against the system and Tianzun.

The technique of "Jiang Ziya" is commonplace and nothing new. It just continues the "old era of reform and opening up" after being manipulated by capital by "market-oriented reforms", and it has become a "thug" in the "peaceful evolution" of the United States. If you want to destroy your country, you must destroy its history; if you want to destroy your clan, you must destroy its culture first! Rely on the trick of "upside down"! -Reverse black and white, reverse history, reverse reality, and reverse cultural tradition! Instigating rebellion, sinking ships, pushing walls, leading the way, in vain attempts to subvert the system-whether it is "Lust Caution" upside down and discredit Zheng Ping as a martyr, or "Assembly Number" upside down and discredit the system (there is only the Charge, no retreat, and retreats have always been secret retreats. , How can there be a trumpet to tell the enemy that I am going to retreat?) Or "Eight Hundred" upside down to beautify the Kuomintang army, a large number of film and television works that beautify the Kuomintang army against Japan, and never dared to tell the Chinese "Why do all the Kuomintang generals who have made meritorious anti-Japanese admiration admire the Communist Party? Mao Zedong, and eventually both went to the Communist Party and Mao Zedong! In the end they all cut off with the Kuomintang Chiang Kai-shek!

However, reality makes the idea of ​​the film "Jiang Ziya" a joke! A COVID-19 pandemic stripped off the underwear of the "Lighthouse Country" in the United States, and the 40-year-known upside-down lies of foreign slaves have been exposed! The system left over from the Mao Zedong era blessed the Chinese nation, and the capitalist system of the United States, even the Pope has publicly claimed that “the epidemic has proved that the theory of capitalism has failed” and that religion must be cut off from “capitalism”! The Chinese have started a mode of reflection, market economics has failed, and political economics has begun to return! The line in the first thirty years of the Mao Zedong era proved to be correct!

The history that was once turned upside down is turned upside down again!

In this way, the various foreign slave cultures that wandered the land of China by "upside down" to make their fortune also lost their convincing power and turned into a laughing stock! For a long time, people who lack insight cannot understand the profound meaning of film and television works of these characteristic times, just like most people who watch "Jiang Ziya" are entangled in the smoke bomb of "save a person or save the common people"; insightful people can Understand the deep meaning of featured movies, but will not be fooled by their fallacies! It's just a joke! "Negative teaching materials" are not useless, they also have warning value!

Perhaps the American masters of foreign slaves across the ocean have also discovered this. After Trump came to power, the United States stopped sending “dog food” to the domestic public. Starting from November 15, 2016, it officially ended “the democracy in all federal fiscal expenditures”. Trump also criticized Obama: “The color revolution and the subversion of China are a waste of money!” For those pro-American and foreign slaves who used to hide their dogs for cooking, and were expelled without food, even those Chinese elements of the Voice of America are now “paniced like a dog of the bereavement”. "For details, see the news report "These Chinese who work for the Voice of America are going to be kicked out of the United States." It can be seen that the American leadership discriminates against those glamorous slaves from the heart. ... Therefore, the Chinese must pay more attention to opponents such as Trump as "understandable", throw away their illusions, and end the war by fighting!    


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