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My First time to withdraw GAZE TOKEN on GazeTV

GazeTV was mentioned in an earlier article and introduced some key features, including earning GAZE token by watching likes comments and sharing short videos. I successfully withdraw my GAZE TOKEN.

GazeTV was mentioned in an earlier article and introduced some key features, including earning corresponding cryptocurrency by watching likes comments and sharing short videos.

After 2 weeks, I successfully withdraw my GAZE TOKEN. What is the process in between? CreamBrulee takes you to fly. Let’s watch it together!

First of all, GAZE TOKEN can be obtained by watching, liking, comments and sharing these engagement actions, and it can also be purchased on the LA Token trading platform. Therefore, the exact operation process can be understood on the LA Token for the trading part.

After accumulating specific engagement rewards, you can see the total amount of GAZE TOKEN you can get in the reward center. GazeTV will settle the settlement regularly every week and distribute the currency obtained during that period.

For example, I watched 100 short videos and liked them and shared them:

0.25GAZE * 4 actions * 100 videos = 100GAZE

*Cooperating with their triple reward event in January is 300 GAZE TOKEN. The event period is until January 31st; you who only saw it now, hurry up and seize the opportunity!

Withdrawal process:

The withdrawal process is also quite simple and convenient, in the “Reward Center”

The first page you will see of the default is “Wallet.”

Enter your personal ETH wallet address in the “ETH wallet address.”

Such as Metamask, My Ether Wallet, Coinbase

After that, you can choose how much or all of the withdrawals. Please note that the gas fee of the day will be changed according to the miner’s fee at the moment, so be careful.

GazeTV presets quick exchange and withdrawal. Although the Gas Fee will be higher, it is better than waiting for a long time to keep pressing the F5 button and not seeing the token arrival, ensuring the fast and safe virtual currency. Furthermore, you will see that your GAZE TOKEN is secure after completion.

The following article will tell you about GAZE TOKEN Staking Rewards

Look forward to it, stay tuned.


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