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6 articles3245 words

Are GazeTV’s staking rewards attractive?

When you have a certain amount of GAZE TOKEN in the GazeTV wallet, you can choose to withdraw or pledge your tokens to obtain profits or corresponding rewards.


擁有一定數量的GAZE TOKEN在GazeTV平台錢包裏,你可以選擇取出又或者質押你的代幣以獲取利潤或對應獎勵。

My First time to withdraw GAZE TOKEN on GazeTV

GazeTV was mentioned in an earlier article and introduced some key features, including earning GAZE token by watching likes comments and sharing short videos. I successfully withdraw my GAZE TOKEN.

成功第一次在GazeTV 提取GAZE TOKEN啦!

早前的一篇文章中提及過GazeTV,並介紹了一些重點功能,包括可以透過觀看、讚好、留言、分享短片賺取對應的加密貨幣,經過2周後,成功提取到GAZE TOKEN,到底中間的過程是怎樣的呢?CreamBrulee 帶你飛,我們一起看吧!



GazeTV first user’s perspective after use

a new social platform called GazeTV. I entered the website with the mentality of trying it out and tried some functions. I will share it with you today. My perspective after use.