Kyle Chu 微風捕手
Kyle Chu 微風捕手

寂光苑 雪中禪影🙏🏻 Zen in 📸 Camera viewfinder , the cemetery park Yakkoen, Japan

永平寺是日本禪宗古寺,也是Apple創辦人Steve Jobs生前最愛的日本寺廟...

寂光苑 雪中禪影🙏🏻 Zen in 📸 Camera viewfinder , the cemetery park Yakkoen, Japan


Eihei-ji is a great Temple of Japanese which was already introduced by many travelers & travel website.

Eihei-ji - Wikipedia
Eihei-ji is one of two main temples of the Sōtō school of Zen Buddhism, the largest single religious denomination in…



At the end of the Eihei-ji river side of Eihei-ji Temple, there is a cemetery park Yakkoen. Crossing the Eiheiji River, you can see a big status of Dogen. In the back of the mountain there was a grave of successive priesthood.

Besides that, there is a memorial tower of the parents of Dogen, a Ming Dynasty tower that cherishes the beauty that crossed China together, and a tower that rewards the benefits of Master Purification.

As I was looking at the status of Dogen in my viewfinder, he seemed to show me a smile of zen. That’s one of the great spots for photography.
There’s a bell tower in the snow which can make you calm. That’s another great spot for photography.
Cemetery park Yakkoen architectural design seems simple, transform focal length photography, you can find out the secret. That’s a woman coming toward Buddha.
That’s a Buddha smile at a woman coming. That’s Zen.
Cemetery park Yakkoen is a part of Eihei-ji Temple.You could buy bus tickets at the East Side vending machines of Fukui Station to Eihei-ji Temple. Each ticket 720 yen. Remember to take the bus at first platform.

寂光苑 Cemetery park Yakkoen

Fukui Prefecture, Yoshida District, Eiheiji, Shihi, 5−15, Japan

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