Kyle Chu 微風捕手
Kyle Chu 微風捕手

被遺棄的夾娃娃機 Abandoned Crane Machine,Kaohsiung


被遺棄的夾娃娃機 Abandoned Crane Machine,Kaohsiung


“Hey you!”,”Are you talking to me?”,


”Yap,I’m talking to you. Can you help us getting out of here?”.


“Oh,I see. I’m sorry that I couldn’t identify any of you.”,

”Identifications? Why do we need those stuffs? We’re cute toy dolls, monkeys, bears,frogs and some little monsters.”.


“Never mind. I need to know each one of you came from which cartoon or comic. If there were potential buyers,they would want to know that for sure.”.


“We didn’t know. We looked like some famous cartoon characters but we’re not. Our producer tried to sell us but not to pay any fee of intellectual property.”.


“Well, I couldn’t think any one would buy you out of this for now. Sorry.”.


“…, would you come to see us next time?”.

(Took with Kodak Ultramax 400 + Konica 現場監督35WB)

For Doomsday


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