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44 articles14311 words

The Fed is going to be Hawkish

Based on the stats below, employment is improving but inflation has been eroding ppl's savings. Ppl's purchase power is dropping and thus sp...

Shrinking Balance Sheet (Bi-weekly market memo)

The FED shrinking balance is one of the vital events in the near future. Here are some of the graphs about it. The event is going to impact ...

Investment Disclaimer

Disclaimer: Everything I publish on internet is just for your info only, not financial advice. Info will be updated without any further noti...

Weekly Market Memo (4/4–10/4)

It is hope that I can give a clear direction in such a highly uncertain and fragile environment.

Some little notes: GameFi economic model

GameFi tokenomics faces two main difficulties: market trend and inflation. Let's assume we are talking about a project that is developed by a dedicated team.

Weekly Market Memo (28/3-3/4)

StatsInterest Rate Projection - Current: 1.9%Interest Rate Projection - 1st Yr: 2.8%Inflation Rate: 7.9Central Bank Balance Sheet: 8982445.0...

Weekly Market Memo 21/3-27/3 BTC, US stocks, HSI

Market ObservationThe labor market of the US is strong. The rise of wages increases people's purchase power and demand.

Suspend update for 1 week

Suspend update for 1 week

Cryptocurrency and US stocks Weekly Market Update (3/7/2022–3/13/2022)

News about finance and politicsThe spike in oil price adds fuel to inflation. The popularization of cryptocurrency Ukraine and Russia has pr...

Cryptocurrency and US stocks Weekly Market Update (2/28/2022–3/6/2022)

The world is moving when you do not even notice. Move along with the world.

21/2/2022 - 27/2/2022 Cryptocurrency and US stocks market updates

Overall, not a good time for a long position in a longer time frame

Potato Media 客服差評


14/2/2022 - 20/2/2022 Cryptocurrency and US stocks market updates


Blockchain and US Stocks Weekly Market Update (7/2/2022 - 13/2/2022)


Blockchain & US stocks (Weekly Market Update ) 31-1-2022 - 6-2-2022

NewsNews about the financial markets and politicsJerome Powell indicates that the interest rate is going to be raised in March to temper eco...

Weekly Market Analysis (24/1/2022–30/1/2022): Crypto Currencies, US stocks

News about the financial markets and politics:10 Year Treasury Rate of US government-issued treasury security rose to 1.87%, meanwhile, the ...

Blockchain Market Updates

I am adapting to a new job recently, so I did not publish anything last week. Sorry for that. The content and length of my article are also adjusting.

加密貨幣、美股每週市場分析 3/1/2022 - 9/1/2022 Google翻譯中文版本

市場消息加密貨幣: 百度已與英偉達達成合作,共同開發人工智能元宇宙。百度擁有自己的元節平台西讓,處於早期階段。東南亞國家(印度尼西亞、新加坡、菲律賓、台灣、泰國、越南)的區塊鏈發展勢頭強勁。玩遊戲賺錢 (P2E) 遊戲在韓國被禁止。美國股票: 百度已與英偉達達成合作,共同開發AI元界、人工智能、自動駕駛汽車和雲計算。

Cryptocurrencies, US Stocks Weekly Market Analysis 3/1/2022 - 9/1/2022

News about the market Cryptocurrency: Baidu has reached a partnership with Nvidia to develop an AI metaverse.Baidu has its own metaverse pla...

Cryptocurrencies Weekly Analysis 27/12/2021–7/1/2022

News about the marketsCrypto: -Jack Dorsey argues that Web 3.0 does not belong to "people" but VC and LP because VC and LP have a big power ...