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我本爱话闲, 生在白云边。旧国悲秋色, 诗间感逝川。

Why do so many Chinese students not study math

There was once a joke that a Chinese elementary school student could skillfully tell you that 3+4=7, and a French elementary school student ...

Why women are often cheated

"Why many women, will be repeatedly cheated by men for a long time?Because their requirements, only the cheater can meet, normal people can ...

The desire to make love with you

You can't imagine how much I fell like making love to you. But l‘Il never tell anyone. especially not you. Unless a confession is extracted under torture.


天上文 蔡州城北坟 一片光芒蛙鼓 祭黄昏 待展双眉细认 倩谁论 写入湘妃竹 叫啼痕

Programming Philosophy

The origin of everything: problems and their solutions. Programming is about solving problems, and problems can be solved with a variety of ...

How to do a perfect projection of real world understanding in the software field

When we talk about philosophy, it doesn't seem to have much to do with programming. And how does this nebulous realm of lofty abstract think...


一分明水墨画沧桑 归耕渭川图 甚故园松竹 迎门笑语 话到西湖 十里珠光翠影 红粉酒盈壶 追忆那年事 离恨模糊 细数欢情几许 怅玉箫声断 残照平芜 想垂杨低拂 仙掌露盘盂 醉时眠 好风凉月 泛清波 楼外渺愁予 消魂处 采菱歌起 霜冷芙蕖

A language that predicts the ultimate in programming from a philosophical perspective

01 Socrates: the hard-core assembly programmer Socrates was one of the founders of philosophy, but that's not the only thing in common (as...

A man who cheated on his wife

The clean bed was a little messy. The man stared at the ceiling and reminisced about the feeling he had just had. After all these years, th...

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