Why women are often cheated

Hera Sanju

"Why many women, will be repeatedly cheated by men for a long time? Because their requirements, only the cheater can meet, normal people can not meet."

A man who is truly down to earth and loves his family and is responsible has a characteristic that is practical. The mind is all about work and family, and preparing and keeping life running, mortgage, tuition, share money, etc.

So he naturally can not be a roundworm in your stomach, understand your romance, understand your mood, to please your emotions. The man who spends all day in the pile of women will become slick, flamboyant, impractical, you can figure to his passion and romance, but not his peace of mind.

It is ironic that really good men, often do not meet the type of popular women like. They desire to meet their own man is reliable, but always because of the reliable man to show the wooden, and will deny it.

Or start to remember the good of those bad men out there again. So figure looks, you have to put up with his philandering, expect to be hurt; figure warmth, you have to put up with his amorous, expect to be negative. The main figure looks, warmth, romance, and self-assurance that he can be responsible for their own loyalty, or arrogantly think that you can change him, in the end, only may be injured.

Once cheated, it's normal, twice cheated, bad luck, three times cheated, it is time to think about why you always meet such people. Why many women, will be repeatedly cheated by men for a long time? There are three realities behind it.

1. A predetermined result due to the requirement.

Their favorite type, the requirements for choosing a spouse, always revolve around romance, love, handsome, warm, loyal, family-oriented, it is clear that only liars meet these requirements and can meet their requirements through disguise (half-truths).

The inner content needs to be corroborated in a deeper understanding. So repeatedly cheated, there is a liar's disguise, but also the woman's self fantasy, through his performance of rich and leisure, love and romance, handsome and warm, unconsciously will be through the subjective inference and generalization, the formation of a good complete impression.

With deeper understanding, after the cheater gets her, will show more and more indifferent, they will really look at what kind of person they have met.

And good men always have to they feel uninteresting, even if the inner qualities of a good man, which they need, but the external attraction to them is often not enough, and then miss in hesitation and consideration. What you pursue is what you will be attracted to.

2, "I am good to you" is deceptive.

If I can't give you a family, can't give you a future, can't or won't give you money, then what to impress you with? To get close to you? To gain your trust?

There is only one way to go, and that is to be nice to you, very cheap and low-cost to give. What can not give you, and then not good for you, it does not make sense, there is no reason. A lot of women, always easy to be impressed by these low-cost pay, do not know that "I am good to you" thing, is deceptive, in the man hormonal outbreak, there is no reason to you poor.

So the real thing to look at is each other's talk, emotions, knowledge, vision, and most importantly, how to deal with life's changes, and the way to maintain social relationships. Beware of people who can't give you anything except being nice to you.

What kind of people are most worthy of love? Wu Yue said this: "I think whether it is a man or a woman, there is a type of person that is definitely worth loving, and that is a person who is honest. If a person can be honest, it is possible to have many things, he dares to be honest, he dares to take responsibility, he will not be too selfish, he will not be too narrow-minded.

"However, the problem is that many internal things, women do not look at all, only to see if he is good to himself, is not obedient, and conclude everything on the basis of this.

3, let the flood of emotions and disappointment.

They do not know love, do not know what is real love, always let the flood of emotions, when the passion comes to fall in love, when the passion disappears on suspicion, so after the passion disappears, gradually found that he is not as good as they thought, and feel disappointed, and think they were cheated.

The more you don't know about love, the more you like to go around between different lovers looking for love, and as a result, you feel repeatedly cheated and confused about love. The meaning is simple. When passion comes up, she thinks he is cute and then loves him, but when the passion dies down and she can no longer discover what makes him cute, or is disappointed when he becomes no longer as cute as he was at first.

You can see that true love is a kind of tolerance. Not with the exposure of flaws, and the loss of appreciation of the advantages, even when the passion fades, I can still appreciate your advantages, while the disadvantages with a tolerance. No one can reach all of your preconceptions, it has always been you to everything too idealized, finally one day the ideal, by the reality of the squeeze collapse, and then feel cheated.

As long as you look closely, you will find this kind of thing, and not because of bad luck. The reason why you will be cheated is because you will be cheated, see being cheated is not the problem, why you will be cheated, is the problem.

Don't be blinded by those cheap pay, deliberate disguise, intentional obedience, the real dependable things, it is necessary to observe, but also must be tested by time and years, leaving the most genuine things. the more

is the person who makes you feel impeccable, the more you have to be careful, everywhere and everything is done perfectly, because the other party is smarter than you, the processing of any matter is one step ahead of you. The truest people are the ones with flaws, and the truest things are the things that are not perfect.

What kind of requirements you have, you will meet what kind of people, because only that kind of people, to meet your requirements, another pursuit of the road, but also always have to experience some temptation and test, depending on whether you have the judgment, know how to judge.

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