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Frightening story behind Rainbow Friends

Rainbow Friends is a game in the popular online platform, Roblox, which takes players on a thrilling adventure to "Odd World."

Vivian Graves

The Backrooms: Exciting escape game

A never-ending maze of arbitrary office spaces can be found in the scary video game The Backrooms.

Fay Anabelle

The best horror game - Five nights at Freddy's

Five Nights at Freddy's is the first game in the entertaining and dark point & click horror series.


The Quest of Devil (THAPANA)惡魔的追求

Here is the Short-film link with Chinese subtitles. 這是帶中文字幕的短片鏈接。


The Quest of Devil (part-4) 惡魔的追求(第 4 部分)

The Story of Devil (魔鬼的故事)


The Quest of Devil (part-3) 惡魔的追求(第 3 部分)

Is something real there in that house? 那房子裡有什麼東西嗎?


惡魔的請求 The Quest of the devil

濕婆來台灣後發生了什麼(第二部分) What Happened after Siva arrived in Taiwan (Part 2)


The Quest of Devil (Part-1)( 惡魔的追求(第 1 部分))

Why siva don't want to do masters along with his close friends Raju and Harsha.( 為什麼 siva 不想和他的密友 Raju 和 Harsha 一起做大師。)

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