Darwin's Hybrid Intelligence to Align AI & Human Goals for Startups & VCs

George Georgallides is the co-founder of Darwin: an AI-enabled platform that uses machine learning models and aggregates corresponding exper...

Funding: No Longer Twice as Likely to Come Through if Pitched by a Man

The entrepreneurial road to business success is never easy. But one way to make the path to entrepreneurial success even more challenging is...

Pitching VCs? Use This Reverse Psychology Trick To Get Funded

You’re planning a big adventure — skydiving or swimming with the sharks, for example — you’ve probably got the details mapped out.

Master the Art of Public Speaking with these 8 Simple Tips

It's been a week of preparation and you’ve rehearsed in front everything and everyone, including, but notwithstanding mirrors, husbands and even cats.

The 20 Slides That Raised $7 Million

Fundraising is a funny art. It’s a play in 3 parts: The Wind-Up, The Execution and The Close.The Wind-UpIn the Wind-Up, you’re setting the stage.

How To Sync Terraform Config And .tfstate File For Existing AWS Resources

Terraform is a great (and dominant) infrastructure automation tool. It is multi-cloud, can build all sorts of resources, and in some cases s...

5 Most Common Chatbot Mistakes made by eCommerce Websites - and How to Avoid Them

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and chatbots are on everyone’s lips in the eCommerce industry. These new technologies are shaking...

A Dash Primer - Digital Cash You Can Spend Anywhere

"The Dash Platform has the potential to rule them all." This statement by Dash Product Owner, Dana Alibrandi, hints to the value that the pl...

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