What is Australia Day?

What is Australia Day?

It is a holiday in honor of Australia, celebrating its history, culture, and the diverse way of life. The true essence of Australia is reflected in its diversity-a mixture of history, adventure, modernity, bush, ocean, skies, lakes, deserts, and wildlife. A wide range of events mark Australia Day worldwide. Among these, include parades, sporting events, exhibitions, and street celebrations.

This popular public holiday in honor of Australia marks the historical voyage by the first European ship into the southernmost coast of Australia. From that point, the country-continent spread out over half the world's surface area, with two large oceans and an arid middle. The historic voyage marked the beginning of Federation, and the first European colony in the New World

On this day, Australia is officially celebrating its multicultural heritage and, as such, is the largest contributor to the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNECSO) World Tourism Organization (WTO). The country-continent, along with the Indian Ocean, is also an inscribed part of the Commonwealth of Nations (UNESCO). On the website of the UNECSO, you can read more about the organization and the significance of Australia Day. UNESCO also includes Australia in its list of countries that have been accredited by it for their contributions to the World Heritage List.

Australia Day was created in response to the First World War. After the armistice was signed at peace, the government declared the starting of a National Holiday. On this day, many Aussies are called on to take part in various activities and celebrations, most notably the Sydney 2021 Festival, the Australia Day Parade down the Harbor, and the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. In Sydney, you can also observe the Republic Day parade, the only national parade that displays nudity. While in Perth, the horse racing competition takes place on the Old Port Road and the racing is followed by a celebration of antlers.

On this day, Australians and other foreigners alike can observe the diversity of the Australian people. For this reason, the country's National Flag features the Union Jack, which is the symbol of unity, strength, freedom, and love, emblazoned with the colors of blue and white. A multicultural society and Australia's multicultural history make January celebrations particularly significant for the country's diverse population.

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The true spirit of Australia's national holiday is celebrated on the following day - National Volunteer Day. This somber occasion was created to honor all those who have given blood, sweat and tears to defend and preserve the distinct culture, tradition, identity, and values of Australia, as well as, the wider world. Among the many names under the National Volunteer Day banner are "All Saints", "Landmark Foundation", "Millionaire", "Lioness" and "Waterski". To recognize these and other veterans, and their families, Australia Day provides an opportunity for volunteers from all walks of life to take part in various community-based programs, including a gala dinner, a talent competition, and much more.


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