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50 articles50276 words

What's new in SleekFlow:自動回覆 Facebook 及 Instagram 留言

留言(comments)和私訊(DMs)是品牌經營社交媒體不可或缺的互動指標,除了能增加帖子的曝光次數(impression)和觸及人數(reach),更是很好的開發潛在客戶(lead generation)的工具,直接增加銷售額。零售品牌可以吸引社交媒體用戶留言換取免費試用裝;...

WhatsApp Business API in the UK: how fintech services like WorldRemit use social messaging to meet customer needs

The key principles of top-notch customer service remain consistent regardless of the industry you’re in. When engaging with customers, promo...

What’s new in SleekFlow: Powerful comment auto reply on Facebook and Instagram

Social media marketing on widely-used channels such as Facebook and Instagram is nothing new to businesses these days. It is well-known for ...

Omnichannel marketing in Malaysia

Omnichannel marketing is nothing new, and a survey showed that 71% of Malaysian marketers have actually implemented the approach to engage customers online.

8 best CRM integrations for Shopify in 2022

As the business saying goes, “customer is king”. In the world of e-commerce where tech-savvy customers value efficiency, flexibility, and pe...

Ola Tech’s Success Story | A refurbished electronics marketplace uses SleekFlow to boost sales by 20%

In 2019, Ola Tech, an eco-friendly online marketplace for buying refurbished and renewed tech devices, was founded in Hong Kong with a missi...

ManyChat replacement for businesses in Malaysia

Instant messaging is now influencing the path to purchase. For this reason, chat management has become essential for e-commerce businesses.

The Ultimate Guide to kickstart your Shopify dropshipping business

Running a dropshipping business is a surefire and cost-effective way to start your successful Shopify venture. There has been a striking inc...

How to Use WhatsApp Business with Multiple Users?

WhatsApp, founded in 2009 and famously acquired by Facebook 5 years later for US$19 billion, has hit more than 2 billion monthly active users as of 2020.

What is the Best Tool to Manage WhatsApp for Business in 2022?

The global outbreak of the Covid-19 has dramatically reshaped the usual practices of many businesses. While many retailers are considering s...

With SleekFlow, PSB Academy better engages and converts prospective students

IntroductionWith the improved access to education came an increased number of graduates, and as the COVID-19 recession has robbed many emplo...

Malaysia’s Omnichannel retailing

The below article tells you the details of omnichannel retailing in Malaysia.

SleekFlow 助 PSB Academy 吸引和轉化潛在客戶

作為新加坡的頂級私立教育機構之一,PSB Academy 致力於提供高質量的教學,希望為新一代學生在日新月異的經濟狀態下做好準備。成立於1964年,該學院為13,000多名分別來自50多個國家的學生提供受廣泛認可的證書、文憑、學位和短期課程。

SleekFlow 完成800万美元A轮融资 踏上欧洲及东南亚的开拓旅程

SleekFlow 欣然宣布,公司已经完成800万美元A轮融资。本轮融资由老虎环球基金(Tiger Global Partners)领投,Transcend Capital 及 AEF 大湾区创业基金(由戈壁大湾区管理)跟投。老虎环球基金为 Facebook 的早期投资者,近期...

SleekFlow 完成800萬美元A輪融資 踏上歐洲及東南亞的開拓旅程


SleekFlow bags USD 8M in Series A funding supported by by Tiger Global

The below article reveals SleekFlow bags USD 8M in Series A funding supported by by Tiger Global

SleekFlow 的服務收費詳情 2022

想了解更多SleekFlow 的服務收費?那你就不能錯過此文章!

It’s time to start doing E-commerce branding

The below article tells you about the informations regarding the E-commerce branding!

How to make use of WhatsApp Business API to generate more sales on Shopify?

This article tells you how to make use of WhatsApp Business API to generate more sales on Shopify,

How do Malaysians take advantage of Social CRM?

This article tells you how do Malaysians take advantage of Social CRM?