The Closure

The Closure

I may find a lover

After hear a account from

his earwig

about my elder sister

It is her second wedding

And he is her second child.

She throws her socks, books

and wearing

and ask for disciple

from him.

She clamors and blame to

Her three-year old son

In meaningless words

He could not even understand.

In the empty room

Of the stuffy day

Her husband zonked out

by her way of love

And she starts to talk about

Buying the barrier avoid collision from him

But yet

she was leaving him

and he start to rush about

his anxiety

I scratch him

With tearful eyes

And trembling hands

Routh, it is.

to against his disquiet

with no expectations

of sister’s ignore

I give up

To explain the

Restless feeling.

This is no closure

Of the love story.

I swear.


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