BVS technology
BVS technology

We supply 10" to 32" smart touch display hardware solution for more than 10 years, main products are POS system, all in one pc, industrial panel pc and open frame monitors.

What are the operating systems commonly used in touch panel pc?

In terms of the current touch all-in-one computer, the common operating systems for installation are Android system and Windows system.
operating system for touch panel pc

In terms of the current touch all-in-one computer, the common operating systems for installation are Android system and Windows system. It may be possible to install a single system or install two systems at the same time to achieve dual systems. When we use it, just need a simple system switch. In high-tech electronic touch product market is a very popular with various industries of equipment, it began to appear on the market. Although the machine runs not long, widely used for a smart hardware equipment, software and systems are needed to support. Touch all-in-one PC operating system can make good touch all-in-one run faster, unobstructed, So what systems can be installed on the touch machine?

Android system, that is a free and open source operating system based on Linux, and a common operating system for touch all-in-one products. Like other operating systems, it mainly uses a layered architecture. Android can be divided into application layer, application framework layer, system runtime library layer and Linux kernel layer from high level to low level. It has 5.1,6.0, 7.1, 8.0, 9.1 and other versions. The commonly used operating system in touch all-in-One is generally Android 4.4.4 version, and Android 5.1.1 is optional. Android system has good compatibility and open source, solve the problem for merchants. Also, Android Touch all in One is a little more stable and, crucially, a lot cheaper.

Windows is also a common operating system used in touch appliance products. Windows 7 and Windows 8 are commonly used in touch appliance products. In addition, as Windows continues to be developed and improved, the first operating system to appear on the market in recent years is Windows 10, which supports chip architectures mainly from Intel, AMD and ARM. It is very convenient to import PPT, Word, pictures and video format files. Not only can make People's Daily operation more simple and fast, but also can provide people with an efficient and easy working environment. But the price is a little higher than Android.

In addition to the two more commonly used operating systems introduced above, the touch all-in-one machine installation for some of the more mainstream operating systems are basically can support the use. Of course, there will be some special systems that can't be installed on a touch machine!


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