BVS technology
BVS technology

We supply 10" to 32" smart touch display hardware solution for more than 10 years, main products are POS system, all in one pc, industrial panel pc and open frame monitors.

What is an all-in-one industrial machine and its advantages ?

The industrial all-in-one machine is a device used in industrial scenarios where the key is integrated into the work of the complicated industrial natural environment.

What is an industrial all-in-one? The said industrial all-in-one machine is the computer all-in-one machine and industrial tablet all-in-one machine that we often talk about. The industrial all-in-one machine is a device used in industrial scenarios where the key is integrated into the work of the complicated industrial natural environment, such as obvious interference signals, shock and humidity resistance, vibration resistance, explosion-proof, etc.

Industrial all-in-one machine is the current stage of desktop and notebook middle independent innovation sales market substance, is integrated part of the industrial computer, industrial display part integrated into the new shape of industrial all-in-one machine, the commodity of continuous innovation internal structure components of the highly integrated.

Along with the development trend of wireless communication technology, the computer keyboard, mouse and industrial display of the industrial all-in-one machine only gives a wireless network connection of the power plug. This solves the long-standing problem of numerous and disorganised cables for desktops. In the current and future market, the desktop market share slowly decreases and suffers from the impactfulness of all-in-one machines, notebooks and netbooks, which will become increasingly risky. The advantages of industry chain compound machines are also constantly being accepted into their selection of shining points

Along with the upgrade of electronic computer technology, computer development to today, the traditional desktop has been unsuitable for the needs of the new market, especially the use of industrial scenarios. Industrial all-in-one machine sales market not only English spelling, but also has the system configuration and machine equipment design ideas. People pick industrial all-in-one machine is likely to be the following three characteristics to consider

1, fashionable appearance, light and exquisite design solutions. Highly integrated design, simple fashion trends, eye-catching appearance presents a sophisticated approach to customer life

2, industrial all-in-one machine than the general desktop to save indoor space. Industrial all-in-one machine is the industrial host and LCD industrial display, speakers combined together with the equipment, the industrial host hardware configuration into the LCD industrial display behind, as small as possible, embedded speakers, so that it is as small as possible, and thus greatly save the indoor space for customers to place machinery and equipment. This has a particularly critical practical significance for customers in large cities where "land is expensive"

3, industrial all-in-one machine at this stage of the price is moderate. The level of integration of industrial all-in-one machine is very high, many people feel that it is more expensive, but in fact is not so. Industrial all-in-one machine is actually similar to everyone's commercial computer all-in-one machine. Are more suitable, not too high, consumer acceptance is very high.


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