Notes: 【Skillshare】Social Media Marketing - User Growth & Engagement

Social Media Marketing: Top Tips for Growing Your Followers & Going Viral Cat Coquillette SkillshareWhy social media matters?

Key Learnings From DAOs

DAOs have successfully became one of my favourite spaces in crypto to spend time in recently. The ability for people from all over the worl...

Do we need Social Wallets?

As someone with a builders mindset, we should be focusing on 2 goals:Lowering the barriers of entry for Noobs.⬆️ ❤️ ⬆️ This might just be ho...

Think First, Do Later OR Do First, Think Later

Some say that "think" should come before "do" since it is critical to properly consider what we are going to do before we do it.

Social Media was good once upon a time

Social media wasn't all bad, or at least it wasn't at first.Facebook was founded in February 2004 to connect Harvard students with one anoth...

Silicon Valley Applications Have Control Over You

Today, let's visit Silicon Valley. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter were the most successful applications produced in Silicon Valley over the last decade.

Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now

Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now was written by Jaron Lanier in 2018.

Drowning in Social Dilemma

💡 We live in the information age, but ironically meaningful content is far less searchable or discoverable today than it was ten years ago....

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