不再美食王, 舊時代的遺物, Web 3.0的新世代, 還有我的一席位嗎?

It's good as long as I buy the token back at lower price

As expected, we are not going to happy on this weekend if we keep our eyes on the market, notice that this morning all the tokens are dipping further, I am suffering additional loss at the moment, I sure my situation is not the worst as I sold some token to USD before it crashed anyway.

Em...I am not expecting I can buy the token back at the lowest price, I made it clear in my earlier post, it's impossible for us to get the lowest price to buy the tokens back, it's ok as long as we sold them at higher then buy back at lower.

Today I saw the Luna is dropping quite a lot, then I have calculate how many Luna I can get when I back it back now, I will have 30% Luna more with the same amount, I am satisfied, can't tell if it is going to drop further in the coming days to be honest, I know that it's way better if I never sold my tokens before the market crashed.

Today is Mother's Day, I am not going to check the price anymore for today as I am going to celebrate with my lovely mom, I ain't let the market ruin my mood, huh.


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