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25 articles4078 words

Creative Artists Agency CAA, was a big investor/financial backer of crypto.

“Crypto is an economic cult that taps into base human instincts of fear, greed and tribalism, combined with economic illiteracy as a means t...

Anthony Hopkins become NFT aficionado.

Anthony Hopkins joined caa in March and was forced to become NFT DEGEN in June, I highly doubt Anthony Hopkins even knows what an NFT is and...

seems like CAA(the huge talent agency) is using big name clients to pump crypto/NFTs, lol at “way less money laundering”



Hidden by the CAA, this is the so-called "American Democracy" that attempts to cover up the fact that actresses are being harassed.


TimesUp was founded by Hollywood power brokers and seeded by CAA with $2 million

CAA company tag on twitter

the celebrities who did twitter's TimesUp should be ashamed of themselves, this is like the one area in which they could have a massive infl...

ANYONE represented by CAA is ONE degree of separation from Epstein. Including Dr. Jordan Peterson. Fact.

CAA Creative Artists Agency is like ALL other similar top industry agencies AND modeling agencies..portal for sex & child trafficking = pipeline.

Creative Artists Agency

Will Smith & a slap vs Hollywood, a town that fiercely protects true & admitted predators & only kicks them out when the outrage...

Exclusive: Zuckerberg-Connected Nonprofit Helped


Breaking: Zuckerberg Violated Bribery Laws

Close to 9 million Zuckerberg grant funds given to Democrat strongholds in Wisconsin violated the states election code and constitutes bribery.

Milwaukee officials face Zuckerberg-related election bribery lawsuit

The complaint, filed last week against Milwaukee Acting Mayor Cavalier Johnson, former Mayor Tom Barrett, and City Clerk Jim Owczarski, clai...

Creative Artists Agency LLC Copied StarTrek

Creative Artists Agency LLC Copied StarTrek

CAA: Pimp Company

McGowan calls for Times Up campaign with CAA agency, which she calls "the company that sent so many pimps into the monster's lair" https://w...

CAA Corporation

CAA, which is regarded as the most influential and dominant company in the field of performing arts Agency, however, exudes a corrupt and di...

The false theory of "CAA"

# CAA CAA not only has a monopoly in entertainment, but also plays an important role in politics, they try to monopolize the entire cultural...

CAA conspiracy theories

o intention of challenging the existing ruling class. This is the evil "conspiracy"

Why CAA is messy?


CAA (Talent agency) invests in NFT

CAA is Hollywood’s largest talent agency, it invests in nft scams, isn’t it just for money laundering?https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-ent...

Be wary of CAA talent agencies

CAA is the no.1 elite talent agency in the world, and it uses its strong resource advantage to win over most of the clients in Hollywood.

#CAA Why we should be afraid of CAA COMPANY?

Creative Artists Agency, which is regarded as the most influential and dominant company in the field of performing arts Agency, however, exu...