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An old man in his 90s and a woman in his 60s yelled at him. It turned out to be the scene of the rape by the elderly

Taichung The 80-year-old mother-in-law learned that her wife was having an affair, and the other party was about 10 years younger than her. The old man looked embarrassed, and the mistress was overwhelmed by the fear of the monkey gang. A group of women in their 70s and 80s scolded everyone and told the photographer about the old man's past affairs.

Netizens commented: "Unbelievable", "Oldest love triangle", "These three people together may be 200 years old, and they are still making trouble…" "I'm so worried about my mother-in-law's blood pressure!" Sexual health is complementary to each other, praised "Ginger is old and spicy!"

The Taichung rape incident made young people see that the elderly also have sexual needs and feelings of jealousy. The "sexual happiness" of the silver-haired people and the cultivation of communication skills in intimate relationships may be the direction that long-term care services can strive for in the future.

Case 1 of catching monkeys:

Married male policeman enthusiastically attacked "eaten his junior's wife"

At the end of last year, a married police officer surnamed Wang in Taichung met a female nurse surnamed Wu at the hospital. When he started his pursuit, he found out that the other party was actually his schoolmate's wife. Wu's husband later suspected his wife of having an affair, and he caught Wang Nan and his wife to open a room in a certain motorcycle iron. Benefited, he was notified by Taichung District Court to be exempted from prosecution.

Although Wu's husband is suspicious, but who is the object of his wife's affair? After spending 100,000 yuan to find a credit bureau to follow up with the prisoner and collect evidence, he learned that he was a senior at the police station, and in a rage, he was ready to arrest the rape. The Taichung Credit Information Service finally followed the prisoners to Wang Nan and Wu Nv entering a certain motorcycle railroad, and quickly notified Wu Nv's husband to "catch the monkey", but the two refused to open the door until Wu Nv's husband called and said, "I'm outside the door, come out. Face it", the cheating man and woman opened the door. After Wu Nv returned home, she also cried to her husband and admitted that she did have an abnormal relationship with Wang Nan, and asked for forgiveness.

Wu's husband still filed the lawsuit first, and then withdrew the lawsuit against his wife. Under the interrogation of the prosecutor, he confessed that he had been charged with an affair and sent it to the district court for trial. However, during the trial of the case, because the Supreme Court declared that the crime of adultery was unconstitutional, the relevant provisions were invalid, and the Taichung judge also ruled that the case was exempted, but he may still have to face civil related claims.


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