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The most refined GZOX method and the best price are recommended for the automotive coating film.

11 years ago, when we wanted to specialize in choosing a car so that we could use it in every car owner’s car with confidence, we did a lot of homework evaluations on many brands

finally chose [G’ZOX brand] from Japan. Under SOFT99 Co., Ltd., it is a car care product operated by professional technicians. In addition to investing a high R&D budget, SOFT99 has carried out long-term and continuous industry-academia cooperation with well-known industrial universities in Japan. The “functional film-making technology” with the same effect is far ahead of its peers.

However, the service team of [G’ZOX Daya Store] all need to pass G’ZOX’s strict education, training and construction methods. Through professional knowledge and technology, car beauty is no longer just cheap car washing and waxing, but a creative and popular professional Service; re-endows the car beauty with a new value and positioning, and strives to provide the highest quality service in terms of products, talents, education and training, service quality, and serves the vast number of consumers with a new type. G’ZOX Taichung Daya Store is recommended The car coating (coating) shop, with the mood of local operation, serves every customer seriously, and the customer has a good reputation

“G’ZOX” is a [glass-based coating film] with high-level water repellency, a glass-based coating agent that exhibits super durability and amazing water repellency due to a hard glass-like coating.

Professional new car coating or old car coating, generally divided into

  1. “Polymer-based coating”: It is mainly composed of wax, and basically has no reaction. Therefore, compared with glass-based coating, its beauty, gloss performance and durability are poor.
  2. “Glass-based coating”: The glass-based coating forms a reaction-hardening hard coating. Compared with the polymer coating, the coating has higher hardness and durability. The coating formed by the glass-based coating is similar to the molecular structure of glass. Therefore, it is generally in a hydrophilic state, and the water-repellent compound is successfully incorporated into the molecular structure of the glass-based coating. Chemical resistance, gloss, beautiful effect.

With the popularization of professional automotive coatings, the requirements of customers and construction shops for coating performance and effects have become higher quality and more diverse.

[G’ZOX Taiya Store] Through continuous research and development, the current G’ZOX series:

  1. “Diamond Coated Water Repellent Enhanced Edition”: the best water repellency effect.
  2. “Diamond Coating Luster Enhanced Edition”: the best luster double-layer structure glass-based coating.
  3. “QUARTZ 7 Quartz Coating”: Water and oil repellent effect, stronger anti-fouling and anti-friction performance 4. “Crystal coating Class M”: The highest gloss in the crystal coating series.
  4. “Crystal coating Class R”: the glass-based coating is given a high water repellency evaluation
  5. “Crystal Coating Class H”: In addition, it has better hydrophobicity than hydrophilic drainage,
  6. These five models are listed together, which can meet the various needs of more consumers. Please come and experience its extraordinary performance.

Taichung’s recommended PPF and TPU for automotive coating are also deeply discussed by netizens PTT

Up to now, it is progressing to the [invisible transparent car cover for cars]. The special protective film completely covers the car body. After the new car is coated, there is an additional comprehensive protective car coating. The transparent protective film is completely different from the current popular car body coating. The products developed under the field and concept of the film have the flexibility to absorb and disperse in the face of external impact, the wear resistance to prevent surface scratches and the self-healing function are complete. In addition, the film material has good expansion and contraction It can cope with the construction of complex car body curved lines and has various high functions. The high-transparency protective film product completely covers the car body, which can effectively prevent scratches and boulders from hurting your car.

The special surface coating shows the perfect water repellent effect, and the scars are automatically repaired under normal temperature, showing the overwhelming [anti-fouling] and [super water repellency] at the same time. , It has good antifouling performance and water and oil repellent effects, and it can be kept clean by simple washing. Moreover, the protective film has a self-healing function. Some minor scratches can be repaired naturally through solar heat. It protects the paint surface and maintains the gloss. choose.


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