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What is handle hardware? What are the embedded handles?

Handle hardware] refers to five kinds of metals, such as… Hinges, glass flag hinges), buffers (buffer slides) and other hardware accessories.

For home decoration, the "doorknob" may seem like a small place, but it is actually an important detail in the design. Like a perfect fashion show, accessories such as belts and necklaces are all elements that cannot be ignored.

Similarly, a delicately shaped door handle hardware often has the finishing touch and adds a taste to the home environment. In addition to the general handle, the [embedded handle] is also a popular trend in the system cabinet.

Traditionally, cabinets with doors or drawers will be equipped with handles. However, some cabinets are not suitable for installing "protruding handles" due to the relationship between position and function, such as: bedside table, aisle, kitchen… A design worth considering.

What are the hardware styles of handles and door handles?

Inner handle

Embrace the handle

Kitchenware aluminum handle

Pull the door handle

iron door handle

Concealed handle (hidden door handle)

ㄇ handle

aluminum handle

hollow handle

classic handle

shape handle

Double hole handle

single hole handle

wooden handle


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