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Free Speech Is Died in Hong Kong

Hong Kong national security law is the nail to the coffin of free speech. Closure of Apple Daily in Hong Kong is the day marks the start of dark age in Hong Kong.

The Chinese Communist Party's intention treating Jimmy Lai and Apple Daily as enemy has a long history. It goes all the way back to June 1989, the month of Tienanmen massacre.

That time Lai was lucky. What he did was only commented premier Li Peng was a turtle egg (王八蛋). The comment made world headlines and the CCP to harass his company Giordano and forced him to sell the company in China.

In reality not only Li Peng is a turtle egg, all CCP senior members are turtle eggs.

But the CCP had never thought Lai would take the money and founded Apple Daily in Hong Kong and later in Taiwan. The CCP could regret then. In reality Lai opened a can of worms for anti-communist in China.

Apple Daily had flourished in Hong Kong in the nineties. It also has started venture in Taiwan and founded Apple Daily, Taiwan in 2003.

Lai has made tremendous progress in Hong Kong. Directly or indirectly Lai has helped promoted democracy in Hong Kong. Not only people of Hong Kong owe a lot to Lai but also all Chinese who care about democracy in China owe a big thank you to Jimmy Lai.

Jimmy Lai is a hero of the twenty-first century.

The closure of Apple Daily is sad. It marks the death of free speech in Hong Kong. On the other hand a great number of people in Hong Kong are supporting free speech, democracy, rule of law and fundamental human rights in their mind.

The Chinese communist party can control people's behavior, but cannot control people's mind.

We are with you, people of Hong Kong. You are not lonely.


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