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Regime Change in The Middle Kingdom

British diplomat Roger Garside wrote an opinion piece on China. His observation about the current issues in China with depth.

China's problem is not only with the CCP. The real problem lies in the culture. We emphasize on the practical and have not spent much effort in the depth with understanding some fundamentals. Confucius sets the social order and rules, but lack of depth in philosophy. With the same token we have good engineers, but lack of great mathematicians, physicists and philosophers.

Our math education emphasizes more on the practical, but less fundamental theories. I am with a relatively luckier generation with the 'new' math. But the current math has no introduction of set theory, neither group and other abstract introductions.

Loyalty is another issue. We put more weight loyal to a person, but less loyal to the country. It is easy to get into perusal worship. That is probably one of the reasons over seventy years ago China had Mao Zedong and Chiang Kai-Shek. The two split the country. They are more dictators and less reformers.

I am relatively optimistic about the changes in China. I believe in the long run China will gradually move into the mean stream of the world communities with more better educated middle class. From time to time I met the younger generations from the mainland. Those in the thirties are more sophisticated than the earlier generations, especially those I have met in Hong Kong.

Those with moral convictions in the mainland cannot be silenced. 許章潤 is a good example. His〈我們當下的恐懼與期待〉,許章潤-我們當下的恐懼與期待-全文-105141515.html, brought my attention. And he is not the only one.

Include Roger Garside's opinion below.

Regime change in China is not only possible, it is imperative

by Roger Garside

Roger Garside twice served in the British embassy in Beijing. He is the author of Coming Alive: China After Mao and a new book China Coup: The Great Leap to Freedom.


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