Chat #5-Single debate

So the play almost goes like this:

Emilia complains, William keeps quiet.

Emilia complains, William keeps mouth shut.

Emilia complains, William keeps mouth tightly shut and quiet.

Emilia complains, William suddenly flipped out.

Emilia:’why you are like this?’

William stuttered, he’s not fluent in tongue since very young age.

now since his emotion is totally caught up he couldn’t express himself.

Emilia, on the contrary, is born sharped-tongued, even sharper when she gets upset.

She is very ill-tempered from nature, and she always blame William for that, because she believed it was William’s ‘bad living habits’ hat led her to outraged state of mind.

During her marriage her rage gets nurtured, because she felt she had the right to be angry.

and it grew so big it already swallowed Emilia up.

Emilia got wrapped in a state of tornado without knowing it.

She cannot separate herself from the tornado anymore, one can say she’s more married to rage, rather to William. She needed that because that give her a sense of living, but it was William who pays this off, daily.

William is a cow that nurtures Emilia’s bad temper.

Also a form of marriage.

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