5 articles1428 words
5 articles1428 words

Chat #5-Single debate

So the play almost goes like this: Emilia complains, William keeps quiet. Emilia complains, William keeps mouth shut. Emilia complains, Will...

The horrible liquid soap-Chat 4

Maybe people who are married for so many years have been trained to ...

Grammar as boundary - Chat 3

William's got exceptions of his grammar, literally he writes poems. And poetry are always perfectly set.

My dad’s English name- Chat 2

Now since my mother's baptized with her new name, we have to find an English name for my father, too, so he could talk to Emilia.

My mother’s English name- Chat 1

one week ago my mother starte taking English lessons. She asked me to give her an English name. I am so good at naming people, it all starte...