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‘Jung Woo-young plays as a substitute’ Stuttgart trails 2nd place Munich by 1 point

‘Outnumbered’ Union Berlin wins 2-0


San Diego's Kim Ha-seong shows off his excitement from the first exhibition game

as if responding to fans' support


KBO appoints Ryu Joong-il as full-time head coach of the national baseball team

“Driving successful generational change”


‘Suspicion of bullying of juniors’

Pepper A attends reward and punishment committee No conclusion reached and re-discussion


Lee Kang-in, forgiven by Son Heung-min, trains with PSG with a light heart

PSG releases training photos and videos ahead of league match against Rennes


Ulsan fans warn of group action Opposition to Hong Myung-bo's selection as national university coach

“Invalidate the discussion on the appointment of an active league manager.”


“The association must take responsibility”

A petition for public consent to dismiss Klinsmann appears


'Eliminated in the quarterfinals of the Japan Cup' Japanese soccer continues under coach Moriyasu

Japan Football Association "There are positive and negative reviews, but we fully support it." Japanese soccer, which was eliminat...


‘B. Munich Return’ Kim Min-jae

“I’m sorry I couldn’t get the results I wanted, I feel a great sense of responsibility”


10 minute ejection from soccer? Possibility of introducing blue cards in addition to red and yellow

If you receive a blue card, you will be kicked out for 10 minutes. The possibility of introducing FIFA and EPL is ruled out.


Chelsea wins 6-1 over Middlesbrough Advance to Carabao Cup finals

‘ticket to the finals’


Baek Seung-ho joins England's second division team Birmingham City Return to Europe after 3 years

Scheduled to leave the UK early next week and sign the contract '2 years and 6 month contract'


‘No score, no win in 3 games’ humiliation, China ultimately fails to advance to round of 16

3rd place in Group A with 2 draws and 1 loss Failed to enter the top 4 teams out of 3rd place in 6 groups


Palestine wins 3-0 over Hong Kong ‘First ever win + advance to round of 16’

'Bentuho' UAE lost 1-2 to Iran, but advanced to the round of 16


Suwon FC baton Kim Eun-joong Straighter and sharper

“The first goal is to fight for the mid-tier rankings, avoid side passes, play concisely, and pursue quick soccer that moves ahead of time” ...


Osmar, who played for FC Seoul, returns to Seoul E-Land

Returned after 18 days from Spain, a love call from E-Land to strengthen its defense Osmar (36, photo), who left Korea after 9 years with FC...


【T.C.Lin 的繪畫時間🎨🎨】- 麥克筆Q版畫 :魔笛 ⚽🏃‍♂

The most important thing is to never give up, never give in to circumstances, believe yourself, and to soldier on, no matter what's in your way.


【T.C.Lin 的繪畫時間🎨🎨】- 鉛筆素描 :Messi ⚽🏃‍♂

“You can overcome anything, if and only if you love something enough.” – Lionel Messi


【T.C.Lin 的繪畫時間🎨🎨】- 鉛筆素描 :C羅納度

蠻厲害的一位足球員 ⚽ ⚽

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