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We can all agree on the fact that writing essays is a demanding task – it consists of several stages and steps. There’s the prewriting stage where you look for an interesting topic and gather data. Then writing the essay is another challenge; to make all of this a little easier, it’s much more convenient to follow an essay outline.


The introductory paragraph of the essay is the opening of your how to start an essay – make sure to grab the reader's attention. An essay introduction consists of a hook sentence, background information and a thesis statement.

With the hook sentence, share an interesting piece of information and motivate the reader to continue reading further.

Next, share some background information on the topic, making it easier for the reader to understand what your essay is about.

Lastly, write a strong thesis statement that presents the main claim and important points of the write essay for me and gives the audience an idea of what to expect.

Body Paragraphs

A typical essay is made up of three body paragraphs, but the number can vary depending on the requirements, type of essay and the complexity of your topic. Since the body of your essay is 60%-70%, you must put in a little extra effort while writing it.

Each body paragraph starts with a topic sentence that highlights the main points being discussed in that particular paragraph and gives the reader an idea of what to expect.

Next, you should present the supporting idea and add authentic evidence to back up your 5StarEssays and argument.


To end the essay, provide the reader with a summary of the main points and restate the thesis statement.

If you’re still confused and need help writing your write my essay, you can look for a professional essay writing service. Team up with an essay writer and have them assist you with your paper. 

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