Microsoft Power BI Training Course

Vivek Garg

To assist IT professionals in achieving their career objectives, IgmGuru is one of the top global providers of online training and certification. You may get the greatest training and certifications from IgmGuru, an online and corporate training platform. We promise to tailor a course to each student's needs in order to improve their course performance and attributes.

Assembling Data Sources, Data Modeling, Using DAX, Visualizing Data, Interactivity, and Analytics, Publishing to the Power BI Dashboard Service, Setting Up the Gateway for Auto Refresh, Creating Dashboards, Roles and Permissions, Creating Scatter Plots, Developing Quick Insights, etc. are all covered in the Microsoft Power BI training offered by IgmGuru. Using Microsoft's online Power BI course, users may obtain a solid understanding of analytics and data visualization as well as the technical skills necessary to create interactive representations that meet organizational needs.


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