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Bitcoin of America Announces New ATM Kiosk Feature BillPay

ATM Machine.

Bitcoin of America today announced BillPay, a new service offered through self-service ATMs. BillPay allows customers to pay utility bills through Bitcoin of America’s ATM kiosk, making paying bills more convenient. As an added bonus, if customers need cash, they have the option to easily sell their cryptocurrency, receive cash, and use it to make bill payments to their utility companies. Companies that can be paid through BillPay include Comed and Nicor. BillPay is currently available to customers using Bitcoin of America’s virtual currency kiosks in Illinois and Texas. This feature will be coming available to more states soon. Bitcoin of America is the first to offer bill payments through its ATM kiosks.

“We run our company to be valuable and to be a well run company for the long term”, says William Suriano, CLO at Bitcoin of America, on the success and innovations of the company.

Features and benefits of BillPay include:

  • Utility bill payment through BOA’s ATMs
  • Ease of selling cryptocurrency for cash to pay bills
  • Convenience of self-service bill payments

About Bitcoin of America: Bitcoin of America is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. The company ensures fast and hassle free transactions through their ATM machines, and offers industry-leading customer support. For more information about Bitcoin of America, visit

Original link: Web3Wire